Kick terrorussia from UN

With the current Membership, is neither a part of the council nor a member. russia is the only country which did not go through the procedure of being admitted into the UN, according to Article 4.

According to Article 23 of the UN charter, russia is not a permanent member of the UN Security Council!

The UN’s current charter says that the Soviet Union still exists, while russia is not mentioned altogether.

We ask António and UN DGACM to provide the documents, according to which, russia takes place in the UN. In the absence of such documents, the procedure for russia's accession to the UN in accordance with Article 4 should be initiated. The article clearly states that only a peace-loving country can be admitted to the UN, which is impossible until the end of russian aggression against .

Such a course of action would remove russia's UN veto power, which blocks many peaceful resolutions, and restore peace and order to the international community.

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"The article clearly states that only a peace-loving country can be admitted to the UN, ..." USA should be out of UN then.

"The Alma-Ata Protocol also addressed other issues, including UN membership. Notably, Russia was authorized to assume the Soviet Union's UN membership, including its permanent seat on the Security Council."

"After being circulated among the other UN member states, with no objection raised, the statement was declared accepted on the last day of the year, December 31, 1991."

What could possibly go wrong...
A better plan would be providing safe places and encouragement for Putin regime dissidents so they can be ready when he falls.

@Czarnobajewka ah so Russia should get rid of their veto, but the US and France, who never do any wars abroad, should keep it.

They'd rather use a technicality, another political game, than have some principle and acknowledge the obvious fact that these vetoes are bad in the first place.

Maybe their characters of these players, playing for power, are a different. China is bad because mistreatment of Uyghurs, they say, while being quiet on mass incarceration.

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