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King Tut, one of the most iconic computer graphics from the 1980s. Created by Avril Harrison, one of the most underappreciated early computer graphic artists.

#commodore #amiga

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RT @hfordsa
We (@cap_and_gown & I) are hiring a half time, 3 year post-doc for our ARC Discovery Project re @Wikipedia in Australia (which is also re bias, representation, dig inequality, knowledge democracy, data feminism & others). Ping me if interested! Pls RT :)

Creative Commons, SPARC and EIFL have launched the Open Climate Campaign ( - which uses Open Access methods to help selve the climate crisis.

Worth noting is also the grassroots Open Climate community, launched in 2021 (

It's high time to consider one more, crucial, "flavor" of the Open Movement.

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Jonathan Zittrain recently wrote in The Atlantic that platforms like Twitter or Facebook could be fixed by "community governance”.

(Fediverse is not mentioned, though it easily could have been - Zittrain mentions Twitter and Project BlueSky).

Community governance indeed is a good idea. Which made me think - does it happen in the Fediverse?

Are there servers that are community- and not admin-managed?
And are what is the governance of the protocols?

Any advice / pointers / knowledge will be much appreciated by me, thanks!

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I've put together a survey about the Small Internet (#gopher, #gemini, individual webpages, small community sites) and I would love your input. If you are a small internet user, please spend a few minutes and fill in your thoughts. I'm especially interested in the open response questions. This will help inform an upcoming conference talk I'll be giving at

Also, please boost this on fedi as much as possible and feel free to re-share on other social networks and in other communities. The more responses the better.

#smallweb #smallinternet

A post about led me to HomeTown, a fork of Mastodon tweaked by @darius for a more localized experience.

It’s refreshing to see someone experiment with Mastodon functionalities. Darius says the fork is still “99.99% Mastodon" but the 0.01% feels like a valuable difference.

And now I'm curious - is there a place where server functionality designers hang out and talk shop? In other words, where does innovation happen?

Here's HomeTown:

I still don't understand why there are no previous on , the chopped links look disfunctional and unfriendly…

"With the mass decentralization of culture, even while platforms are becoming increasingly centralized, there’s no way for a sane person to keep up" - Terry Nguyen on trends (and their death, of sorts - at the hand of TikTok).

I like the idea that cultural decentralization fuels centralization at the platform layer. Smart observation. Trends are the new fuel for platform capitalism.

Interesting also because it shifts the conversation from one focused purely on data - and there's a lot of talk about platform capitalism and our data.

Finally, if it's not just TikTok, but also / that get's fueled by trends, then what are the ? It seems to me they are all self-referential with regard to the technology, and deep into . What trends do you see in your part of the Fediverse?

If was a counterculture, then which one would it be?

Can we think of it as punk or rave? Or is it just a group of coders crafting alternatives on Git*?

I think we could think that way, but few / rarely do. If you’re into indieweb as a culture, or know someone who does, please ping / toot / whatever

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'Legibility is disastrous at scale, and the internet is always at scale' - Gordon Brander
on digital identity. relevant for my work, where the issue can be seen as that of harmful legibility, made possible by open licensing of photos of faces.

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Von der Idee zum Prototypen: 7 ausgewählte Projekte bei UNLOCK
Unser Accelerator-Programm UNLOCK ist eine Art “Boot Camp”, um externe Projekte und Ideen zu entwickeln und zu fördern. Natürlich alle zum Thema Wissensgerechtigkeit. 34 Teams haben sich in diesem Jahr darauf beworben. 7 von ihnen ha…

#Community #Neuigkeiten #Unlock #Wikimedia #Wikipedia #Wissensgerechtigkeit

Prototype Fund has a new funding round. And more importantly, it’s a great example of public support and funding for , done in a smart way

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Heute Nacht ist unsere 13. Bewerbungsrunde gestartet. Wir suchen eure Ideen für #OpenSource-Software mit gesellschaftlichem Mehrwert!
Die Förderprojekte erwarten bis zu 47.500 € Förderung vom @bmbf_bund, Coachings, Beratung und Vernetzung.
Alles Wichtige zur aktuellen Ausschreibung findet ihr hier:

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Just submitted my grant application for our Domain project to NLnet for their User-Operated Internet Fund.

I believe the process for public funding should itself be public so you can read the entire submission on my blog (with better formatting than the text-only original submission, a video, and pictures) and I’ll be posting future communication there also:

#nlnet #eu #funding #grant #foss #smallWeb #smallTech #domain #kitten #publicMoneyPublicProcessPublicCode

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For all those future/digital/augmented/vr/metaverse/postdigital/mixmedia #storytellers, who want to make a positive social impact.


Calling all storytellers! Join us to make social impact with stories that connect, at the intersection of storytelling and technology. Collaborate with storytellers from different disciplines and cultural backgrounds
Sept 19-21, Utrecht, NL
Apply by Aug 22


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⚠️ grim reading - The future is cancelled 

📄 Is Selling Shares in Yourself the Way of the Future?

I went ahead and read this after seeing the headline shared as a screenshot a few times. Did not disappoint, end-of-days stuff wrapped in New Yorker veneer. Brainstorming new ways to foreclose human life while eating vegan sushi in SF.

It's epic tho, and I did appreciate the framing of markets as time-worming wealth devices:
"Corporations are allowed to worm their wealth forward and backward in time by selling shares"

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A Wikimedia project that I worked on for several years has gone live these last weeks. Finally an improved video player is available to all Wikipedians !
Thank you to those who helped me along the way. #wikipedia #mediawiki #videojs #Foss

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