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I love clicking "delete" on emails

Not "archive," but "delete"


Huh, the official Mastodon android app looks really neat 👍🏻 I'm going to use it for the time being instead and see if it sticks.

Intriguing. I'm going to follow this story and do some experiments myself ⤵️

Episode 1: my dumb phone przez @wallabagapp

Decided to read a book outside as I need some peace and quiet. At once all my neighbours turned on their lawnmowers. Just another spring Saturday I guess 🤠🤯

W sumie to już chyba mogę powiedzieć: używałem .a zanim to było modne 😎

Hi, I'm Silvia (she/her), a web designer and developer focused on usability, accessibility and information architecture.

An expert in HTML, CSS and designing using web standards since 2004, I make websites using Jekyll and WordPress.

Curator of the inspiration series Design, Digested. Photography is my life-long passion.


Remember Twitter's super uber-secret project Bluesky? They finally explained what they're up to, and it's spicy 🌶️

So spicy that I had to write a 1,200 blog post one what exactly it entails. Key learning: Twitter doesn't like Mastodon. 🧵

it's kind of amazing how much of a hard time modern software has synchronizing multiple identities. because of work I have half a dozen emails at any given point in time, clients will often require their contractors to have their own email on their own system each with their own calendar, and there's just no way to synchronize that shit across the board. I find myself manually jumping around between Google calendars, Outlook calendars and other nonsense...

One of the most fun parts of having your own online service is choosing the domain name (the internet address).

In the old days you had to use addresses that ended in .com or .net or .org, but nowadays there are hundreds of options to choose from:

Also, they are now available in different languages and alphabets.

Some are restricted in who can use them, but most are available to anyone.

#GrowYourOwn #HomeGrown #SelfHosting

What do you guys think of ? I've been looking at some tutorials and possible projects and it seems to be quite promising and worthwhile. Most importantly it doesn't require soldering. Would you recommend it as a side project or a hobby?

Since #whatsapp and #facebook are being cut off in #Russia, a lot of my russian expats friends are switching to #Signal to keep communicating with their family and friends back home. And that's probably not a bad choice. Maybe the better one, that will probably never be cut off, unless Internet goes down for everyone, is #Deltachat.

It's time to teach your friends how to use @delta

:google: :android: ⚠️ If you use a version of #Android distributed by #Google, they've been spying on your calls and SMS without your permission.

This is great time to de-Google with an AOSP-based OS focused on #privacy like #GrapheneOS. :grapheneos:

„Cebulowy ruter” przeciw cenzurze internetu w Rosji. Czyli pora na Tora.

> Codziennie 300 tys. Rosjan i Rosjanek uzyskuje dzięki niemu dostęp do nieocenzurowanego Internetu. Dotychczas Tor występował w negatywnej roli złowróżbnego "darknetu". Wyjaśnijmy, czym jest, czym się różni od VPN, i jak korzystać z niego na co dzień. Oraz czemu warto mieć taką możliwość.

> Jeśli jesteśmy zaangażowani politycznie czy aktywistycznie, warto pobrać przeglądarkę Tor i Briara już dziś.


We released AntennaPod version 2.5. Biggest improvement? Synchronisation via @nextcloud, implemented by one of our community members. Another step to regaining control over your data!
Check out the details and a list of other improvements on our blog:

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