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Nie miałem Internetu przez godzinę, najgorsze trzy dni mojego życia.

@jaroszek_kamil @robert_wolniak Wolność to decydowanie o sobie samym? Ostatnio ktoś za nas zdecydował, że mogę sobie kupić Colę, ale za 2 zł drożej. Teraz decydują za mnie i być może zdecydują, że będę musiał przyjąć mandat od policji. Coś ta moja wolność się tak troszeczkę, krok po kroku zawęża. Takie wolne gotowanie żaby.

Dla nowych użytkowników: Po przełączeniu w ustawieniach opcji „Włącz zaawansowany interfejs użytkownika” uzyskujecie dostęp do interfejsu wzorowanego na TweetDecku. Może dla części Was będzie on bardziej wygodny. Kiedyś był to jedyny interfejs domyślnie dostępny na Mastodonie ;)

During these times when the #privacy-invading practices of #WhatsApp are brought into light, it might be good to check back again with #DeltaChat:

I had only checked them back when they were just getting started, and encryption was still in the works. Today, encryption is built-in using #autocrypt and they offer even clients for the desktop.

Has anyone tried it?

No proszę, na 1 miejscu wśród wszystkich aplikacji w Play Store 👏🏻🥳

App privacy labels show stark contrasts among messaging apps


Signal - perfect!

iMessage - very good (and defensible).

WhatsApp - huh, that's starting to seem a little sus.

Facebook Messenger: oh hell no.

Thank you guys for voting! Really appreciate it 👍🏻

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Remember when I told you about my vs dilemma? Apparently it's very difficult to persuade current WhatsApp users to switch to Signal. I mean, how hard can it be to install a new app and give it a try? You know what I think? I think people are just lazy. They use whichever app is most popular at the moment. They don't even bother to check whether a given app respects their privacy or not. So yeah, I'm disappointed. Humans, you can do better!

I wonder, what do you use for? Comment if you have some other, more exotic uses 😉

@rysiek @privacyint

What this guy says. Stop recommending people to change their passwords frequently. You know "abcde2020" willl just become "abcde2021". Recommend password managers.

I thought to myself "f*ck it" and then I went ahead and deleted . I could no longer stand the fact that it's controlled by . Let's see how long I'm gonna live without it. I mean I still use and and so anyone wanting to get in touch has plenty of options 💬

I'm no artist but this was made with the best intentions 😉🎄🌟 On second thought, I'm positive that the snowman is not an option in this weather (9 degrees Celsius outside). Merry Christmas anyway!

I've mentioned it before but... My contacts still prefer over . And I'd rather use Signal only. What should I do? Perhaps the best solution is to get rid of WhatsApp and force people to contact me on Signal or, if they refuse to install the app, via text messages. What would you do?

How do you know when something is complex? When a free and open source person tells you that it’s simple.

#Privacy comparison between various popular chat apps.

Hint: #Signal is the winner. If #Matrix were there, I believe it would be the winner as well.

Photo: flying_kell

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