The fact that browsers implement tracking prevention and a distraction-free reading mode tells a lot about the general state of the web.

"I don't believe our species can survive unless we fix this (social media). We can not have a society, in which, if two people wish to communicate, the only way that can happen is, if it's financed by a third person who wishes to manipulate them."

Jaron Lanier is now #FOSS! 🎉 We've named the software behind it #WriteFreely.

WriteFreely lets you self-host a single federated blog or a community of blogs. It's written in Go / #golang, it's lightweight, and runs everywhere -- even on a Raspberry Pi! (We tried 😁)

We just launched v0.1 this weekend, and v0.2 is already coming out early this week. You can try a full demo here:

Get started with hosting or find a permanent instance here:

Reminder: Privacy is a basic human right.

We believe everyone should have private access to an open web where they can express themselves, share information, and learn without being tracked, surveilled, or censored.

TIL about . Looks promising. Have you guys heard of it?

I feel like I don't explicitly state this often enough, but I want to see a future where most people are on federated social networks. Mastodon, Pleroma, Misskey, etc, instead of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The main reason I like is that I found a community of like-minded people. The tech is important as well, especially the part, but nothing will replace the great people that share their knowledge here. Even an occasional shitpost doesn't change the overall quality of our network. You rock 🖖

@Michcioperz no, not at this point. I guess I've just answered my own question ☝️😆

@patrik I've never used it and I'm really not sure why I would. Are there any benefits?

Dear followers, do you use ? Do you think it's something I should consider joining? I'm just not sure if I even need it 😕

Próbuję zweryfikować swoją stronę w ustawieniach edycji profilu... Na razie nic się nie dzieje. @xaphanpl czy poza linkiem rel na mojej stronie coś jeszcze muszę robić?

@pskosinski true, I once experienced it myself. That's why I don't bother testing new every 6 months.

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Mastodon czyli polska instancja Mastodon.

Co nas wyróżnia?
- Długość wpisu powiększona z 500 do 2048 znaków.
- Trendy w tagach
- Wbudowany Jabber/XMPP z integracją na stronie.
- Wbudowana wyszukiwarka przeszukuje całość statusów, a nie tylko nazwy użytkowników i tagi.