@patmazka @aquafresh hm, a ja myślę że jest tu trochę ciekawych kont do obserwowania. Zwłaszcza w szerszym fediwersum. Kłopotem może być natomiast odnalezienie tych kont. Tu nie ma algorytmów typu: "dodaj coś do swojej osi czasu" 😜 Mi to zajęło kilka miesięcy.

Hey guys, just letting you know that I've changed my email provider to . You'll find my new email address in bio 📨

Kind reminder that internet was made to be decentralized

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Because sometimes you just want the updates and not messages from 1000 people, here’s a @LinuxForEveryone@twitter.com Telegram channel for ya!


@mark @Tutanota I've considered it but apparently they don't support 3rd party email apps. Correct me if I'm wrong 😉

@pj I know. I'm still using it as a secondary mailbox, but I can no longer afford a paid plan.

@phoe @disroot too bad they've closed the registrations recently 😟 But I'd like to check 'em out. Thanks! 👍🏻

I no longer have time and resources to self-host my . So I'm asking you for advice. Which provider are you using and can recommend? So far I've been looking at and . Also, as you know I really enjoyed having my own domain but I suppose my priorities have shifted somehow and now I just want a mailbox that works well and doesn't cost a fortune. Own domain is not a must anymore. What do you suggest?

@albeert I know now, the battery optimization is switched off for Delta so that's why the OS doesn't kill it.

@albeert you might be right 😉 I have Xiaomi A1 with so I suppose it doesn't kill running in the background.

@albeert it doesn't mean it's always running. It means the push notifications work just fine. I don't really care about battery: my phone is quite old so I need to recharge it every day.

@albeert I find it completely unnecessary to keep the permanent notification on. The app works well without it.

#Recycling isn't as effective as you would think.
So what's the way? Read more: ifixit.com/Right-to-Repair/Rec

Reduce, reuse, repair, than recycle. Of course, recycling is better than throwing stuff away. But that is not the best solution.

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