Remember when I told you about via ? Well, I did a little research and it turns out that my old supports eSata drives. So I instantly ordered a 500GB HDD along with a proper cable. When I receive the package I'm gonna set to use HDD as a primary (root) partition. I guess we'll see how it goes. The plan is to use HDD as Nextcloud instance (behind Tor) for me and my wife. Keep your fingers crossed 😉 Anyway, I'll try to inform you on my progress.


Well, I'm sad to say that no progress so far. I managed to transfer the root partition to external drive (via eSATA) but something's wrong since the whole system is slower than before. I suspect it's either a faulty cable or perhaps (i2ex) is simply not up to the task. Or it's something else entirely. I'll investigate next week. It's quite possible that I'll have to replace Cubox with a eventually. Anyway, wish me luck 🙄

Positive update this time 🙂 I figured out the problem with my eSATA drive. There wasn't sufficient power. Now I reinstalled , ran via onion script and everything seems to be working just fine. Finally, I installed on top of that. So even though is not the newest piece of hardware it will do for now. Great success! 😎

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