I know I mentioned it before but please use a secure email service while contacting me. I use both (primary account) and (secondary for now). And since I registered early for the latter I have a ridiculously simple handle: michal at criptext dot com. I'm looking forward to custom domains though (like with Proton Mail). Also, TIL that once they're out of beta they want to provide an download. How cool would that be?

@michal What is secure and what not secure email service? What are criteria? Do you consider OVH email hosting they give "for free" when you register a domain (hence quotes) secure? Or do you mean that you have some "not secure" email account like GMail and you don't want people to send you emails there?

@pskosinski I mostly mean Gmail. But the word I should have used and stressed is "private". I guess I'm a little tired and distraught.

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