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Videoconferencing software has become essential to individuals and businesses living under COVID-19 social distancing. If Zoom were free, we could work together to find ways to control access and combat trolls. In the meantime, use free alternatives like instead!

Decided to try out messenger. Do you guys use it? Any pros / cons? I remember using Ring (its previous name) a while ago but it wasn't a pleasant experience.

Calling smartphone equipped teenagers 'digital natives' is a mistake because a smartphone makes you a consumer rather than a native of anything.

If you want a child to become a digital native give them an actual computer instead of a corporate controlled and curated consumer device.

Decided to ditch in favour of a static site for my homepage. I'm not saying WordPress is bad: it's just too bloated for my needs. So far I've been playing with and I think I've finally found a theme that suits me.

Have you guys heard about ? It's a brand new private messenger that doesn't require a phone number. I've just added my Session ID to my profile if you'd like to get in touch / try it out 😉

Updated to the latest version, yay! But don't seem to work. Is it somehow related to the Mastodon instance I'm using? @xaphanpl any ideas?
Our company doesn't attempt to provide you a service in exchange for your data. Instead, you voluntarily give us your data, and you receive nothing in return.

You probably won't care but I actually prefer the basic interface here on . It allows me to focus on a given tab better. K, 10x, bye 😉

Positive update this time 🙂 I figured out the problem with my eSATA drive. There wasn't sufficient power. Now I reinstalled , ran via onion script and everything seems to be working just fine. Finally, I installed on top of that. So even though is not the newest piece of hardware it will do for now. Great success! 😎

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you cannot simply obtain a certificate for an onion domain. I kinda suspected this to be the case but now I know for certain 😜

Well, I'm sad to say that no progress so far. I managed to transfer the root partition to external drive (via eSATA) but something's wrong since the whole system is slower than before. I suspect it's either a faulty cable or perhaps (i2ex) is simply not up to the task. Or it's something else entirely. I'll investigate next week. It's quite possible that I'll have to replace Cubox with a eventually. Anyway, wish me luck 🙄

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