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How do you store your passwords?

Great alternatives to #Signal that check all the boxes (#decentralization, #privacy, #opensource, #anonymous, #cryptocurrency-free):

- #Briar:
- #DeltaChat:
- #Matrix:
- #XMPP / #Jabber: (It aged very well, supports signal-like encyption and battery-efficient mobile apps now. If you dismissed it in the past, I encourage you to give it another try.)

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I've just published my full review of @CarissaVeliz's phenomenal new book (launching today in the US) "Privacy is Power". TL;DR : just buy it & read it. Then buy it for others. It's that good - and that important. #PrivacyIsPower #privacy

Internet przestał służyć nam, użytkownikom. Na każdym kroku napotykamy utrudnienia w jego użytkowaniu. W 16. odcinku naszego podcastu opowiadamy o nadchodzącym nowym standardzie wymiany informacji w I(...)

Małymi krokami nadchodzi nowy rodzaj Internetu. Czego możemy od niego wymagać? [Artykuł]

FLOSS-App of the week:

Tired of being Spotify's or Apple's
product? Need an alternative which respects your #privacy?

Have a look at

A nice #podcast -client for your Smartphone which respects your privacy.

#opensource #freesoftware

How do you think the Fediverse is going to look in the (less or more distant) future? Looking forward to get as many different (and covering different aspects) opinions as possible, so boosts are appreciated.

Anyone here using ? I've just discovered it and I really like the interface and relative ease of use. I wonder if it could be a good alternative to telegram / fb groups. The fact that you can self host makes it even more appealing.

Do you use an RSS/Atom reader?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

1 marca, dostrzegłem pierwszą w tym roku wiewiórkę na drzewach wokół domu. Czyżby zapowiedź wiosny? 🌳 🐿️

As much as I like and rely on emails I decided to get rid of all email apps or accounts on my phone. The only exception being which allows me to focus on the important stuff, i.e. chats with real people.

Ekosystem aplikacji na Androida nie kończy się na Google Play Store. W tym odcinku omawiamy nasze ulubione aplikacje z alternatywnego, nastawionego na prywatność "sklepu" z aplikacjami, gdzie wszystki(...)

provides the best email experience on mobile devices. Change my mind 💁🏻‍♂️

What a time to be alive. An older gentleman had a Cat filter turned on in Zoom. And they don't know how to turn it off. "I'm here... I'm not a cat".

Today is #SaferInternetDay 2021!

Not everything belongs into the public internet (duh!🤪). But even your personal cloud is not safe from leaking data, intentionally or not. With Cryptomator you can be rest assured that your private data stays private.

:boost_ok: It's time to #DeleteWhatsApp - but how do you explain your friends & family in short and simple terms what the alternatives are besides running to Telegram or Signal? 🤔

In light of the absence of good summaries I've written an introduction to this much debated topic - hope you find it useful! Please share it if you want to 😊


Gemini: gemini://

#DeleteWhatsAppDay #WhatsApp #messenger

It is now more important than ever for most people to learn just how far big tech has taken away their online privacy. Most people simply don't care because they haven't taken time to understand just how serious online privacy is.

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