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ICYMI: I've recently set up a instance. It's supposed to be a general purpose server for Poland. Registrations are open so feel free to join and invite your friends. Here's the address:

If you're interested in making your own instant messaging server, I would recommend following @snikket_im

They are trying to make XMPP messenger servers easier for ordinary people to use and host. It's not quite ready yet, but they are in mass beta testing and should launch soon 🤞

XMPP is a good decentralised alternative to Whatsapp etc so it would be brilliant if it can be made accessible to everyone.

More info at

#XMPP #Jabber #Whatsapp #Alternatives #GrowYourOwn

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Mobilizon is a free open Fediverse platform for organising events. You can find out more at:

...and you can follow the project at:


Mobilizon is part of the Fediverse, and accounts on Mobilizon servers can be followed from Mastodon etc.

For example, here's a Mobilizon account that organises events in Berlin:


You can also join Mobilizon sites directly, and non-members can participate too using their email address.

#Mobilizon #MobiliTips #FediTips #Fediverse #Events #Event #ActivityPub

Done another app review for Nextcloud, this time looking at Forms:

Forms lets you create your own online surveys with all kinds of questions (multiple choice, text boxes, calendars, buttons, dropdowns etc).

Because it runs entirely on your Nextcloud, the data never goes anywhere else, and there are no ads or trackers.

It's a good privacy-friendly alternative to Google Forms or SurveyMonkey.

#NextCloud #Apps #Forms #Surveys #GoogleForms #SurveyMonkey #Alternatives

every day I'm further convinced that emails supporting HTML was a mistake

Installed eOS on my Xiaomi device. No noticeable problems so far. @e_mydata great work, thanks for bringing privacy to the masses 🥳

I've been waiting for v1 for a long time. I guess it's finally time to take a deep dive and make eOS my daily driver.

de-Googled /e/OS v1 Released Along with a New Brand 'Murena' for Smartphone and Cloud Services - It's FOSS News przez @wallabagapp

This is a fan made teaser for @elementary OS And deserves to be seen by more people, it’s super cool

Interesting reading about #protonmail : an interview with CEO Andy Yen

"Proton Is Trying to Become Google—Without Your Data"

#mydataisMYData via

I’ve been having to use FB again recently and I’m continually amazed at how *bad* it is. I don’t mean the well-known complaints about the content, all of which are valid. I just mean the software; it’s just awful about the basics. I have ~500 friends, but every time I go it shows me the same several posts up front, for several days at a time. Like, what is your algorithm even doing?

Please welcome #wallabag 2.5.0 🚀🔥🦘

We dropped #php 7.4, baggy theme is deprecated and so much new features. The changelog is huge, you can read it here:

Thanks to all contributors ❤️

#DeltaChat 1.30.1 is out on #fdroid!! lots of bug fixes, speed and stability improvements, as well as a new welcome screen to make it easy to comprehend that Delta Chat is an email client at the core

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