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ICYMI: I've recently set up a instance. It's supposed to be a general purpose server for Poland. Registrations are open so feel free to join and invite your friends. Here's the address:

Mobilizon is an event organising platform for the Fediverse, a free open source alternative to Facebook Events.

You can find out more at:

Mobilizon instances federate with the rest of the Fediverse, so people on Mastodon can follow Mobilizon accounts and see their latest events.

You can join an existing instance, there's a list of instances at

If you're technically skilled, you can create your own instance using the instructions at

#FediTips #Fediverse #Mobilizon

"Please Stop Closing Forums And Moving People To #Discord: They are not the same thing, and will never be the same thing." #moa

I used to recommend to my friends and family. Now I know better and I'm sorry. I'm sorry I trusted any centralised and closed platform.

Holy smoke. Linux Mint actually has a website that looks like it was from this century now. Congratulations #linuxmint

"Metadata absolutely tells you everything about somebody’s life. If you have enough metadata, you don’t really need content" Stewart Baker, former NSA General Counsel

That's why Briar protects not only against Content surveillance, Content filtering, Takedown orders, Denial of service attacks but also Metadata surveillance.

Briar uses the Tor network to prevent eavesdroppers from learning which users are talking to each other. Each user’s contact list is encrypted and stored on her own device.

🧪 #DeltaChat is near to do a new release in desktop and we need your help to test upcoming 1.21.x release!

Obviously I meant the "security of a machine". Silly me. Anyway, is now better protected 🔒

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how to install and configure on a server. It's amazing how much you can improve machine's security with small steps like this.

How is computer security like the human immune system? Turns out they share a lot of interesting similarities. This epiphany suggested a novel & promising approach to CPU #security to @ToddMAustin & his team at @umichcse that they've dubbed #Morpheus.


A documentary about Polish parliament from @Dobromir_Sosnierz. noticed another fediverse user, another Polish MP @polamatysiak for a few seconds, I was expecting more :p

new major releases are rolling now with better handling of contact requests, concurrent multi-account support on all platforms and better connectivity/quota info ... and thanks to and for funding much of the improvements :)

Kolejny mój tekst opublikowany w #OkoPress:

Zamiast kupować drogie (i niebezpieczne) zabawki, polskie służby mogłyby skupić się na zabezpieczeniu kluczowych osób w państwie i zbudowaniu bezpiecznej i użytecznej infrastruktury telekomunikacyjnej. To jednak zadanie niewdzięczne i wymagające woli politycznej, której najwyraźniej brak.

#Pegasus #Polska

English: I've just updated Poland to the latest version 1.3.1 🎉 You can now add metadata to your events. There are some welcome changes to groups as well. You'll find details here:

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Zaktualizowałem Polska do najnowszej wersji 1.3.1 🎉 Z nowości m. in metadane w widoku wydarzeń (możliwość przypięcia linków, informacje dla niepełnosprawnych, stream na żywo, itp.) oraz usprawnienia dla grup. Szczegóły tutaj (EN):

/e/ develops and sells de-googlised Android smartphones. You can follow at:

➡️ @e_mydata

Their website is at and their phone shop is at

The /e/ version of Android can also be self-installed onto your existing device.

One of the models with /e/ preinstalled is the @Fairphone, which is built as ethically as possible (fair wages & working conditions, recycled materials etc).

#EFoundation #Fairphone #Android #Smartphones #Hardware #FOSS #Privacy


Imagine this: The messaging 🗨 platform you use to connect with your family and friends shuts down tomorrow. How do you secure your #data?

Does this worry you? Then you must meet project XPORTA - #XMPP Account Portability!

"People are often forced to agree to unfair data collection practices just to communicate with their loved ones. Open standards, interoperability and data portability are the technical foundations required to improve this situation."

I journeyed to @DEFCON 29 in an attempt to capture the essence of the #hacker culture & the craft of #hacking. What I found was a warm & welcoming community of tinkerers, inventors, knowledge seekers & teachers - and that we're all hackers on some level.


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