It’s not the Brazilian working class weakening their country’s environmental protections. That’s the doing of the fascist president, Bolsanaro. We must stop him, his likes, and corporations from destroying our home.

The wrong is on fire

Don’t fetishise my country. The good folk who rised against Nazis, rised for free — against people like you.

Soldiers entered hospitals to shoot wounded protestors. They raped, and threw people’s corpses into the Nile. Dozens of people died within the first 2 days.

That’s how Sudan’s military ends a peaceful sit-in protest.

’s body in the Nile

With such patronising attitude that we have, we’re playing into Kaczynski’s argument that the bloody liberals and rotten leftists don’t care about the true Poles’ wellbeing • : No enemy like a liberal

This isn’t the first peadophilia case among the Church’s ranks and it’ll not be the last until we abolish the institution as a whole—not only in , but globally. The ‘Tell No One’ documentary by Tomasz and Marek Sekielski are a proof of that.

When the May long weekend in hits a bit too much, you may end up drunk, lying on an overpass tramway and pausing tram traffic, like this guy in

“Last May, imposed new data privacy guidelines that carry the hopes of hundreds of millions of people around the world to rein in abuses by big firms.

Almost a year later, it’s apparent that the new rules have a significant loophole: The designated lead regulator — the tiny nation of Ireland — has yet to bring an enforcement action against a big tech firm.”

has ’s first plastic bottle machine. City dwellers will receive 2 eurocents (0.10 złoty) for every bottle they put in.

We need more of this.

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@marc ’s courts aren’t working faster, but other countries hesitate to deport Polish criminals here; there are absurd allegations against opposition leaders and media. We worsened our relations with Israel *and* Iran, and we’re throwing a very long teenage tantrum against the EU. Poland didn’t stand up from its knees. It became the world’s laughing stock. And it’s your party’s fault, Mr. Morawiecki.

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