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May as well introduce myself, too. My name's Marek, and I'm from Poland. I now live in the beautiful city of Kraków, but I spent some time abroad.

I study Middle East at university. For my bachelor's thesis, I'm researching nationalisms in Persian Gulf in the context of militarisation. My other interests include language learning - I can speak Polish, Czech and English, and I'm learning Arabic and German. I'm also a photographer, and usually shoot with my smartphone :)

What is it with Americans and football fields?

It truly confuses me why "it's like 13 thousand soccer fields" is better than providing the actual units of measurement.

In a shocking blow to the West, the fascist empire sanctions a comedian. If Russia wasn't such a murderous menace, it'd be a comedy itself.

If you have some spare time and nothing to do, you can always read about how falconry is used for purposes of Arab Gulf nationalism. A fascinating read:

My quick summary: falconry is used as a marker of exclusivity, masculinity, Arabness and 'bedouinnes' of the local ethnonational identities. It's an expensive sport, and the discourse creates a contrast between the local Arabs, the generally richer hosts, and foreign residents, mostly Asian and generally poorer. It's also form of nation-branding and relating to the rest of the world (geopolitics of falconry), e.g through the Emirates' effort to have it under the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage programme.

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When you think your post doesn’t fit in a tweet but demands a thread, how about writing a classic blog post and linking to that? It is more comfortable to read and better to share.

A pretty good write-up of the Oder River disaster happening now in .

TL;DR: the government’s reacted too late and only because of public outrage, and three weeks after the environmental catastrophe began, we still have no clear idea what happened to cause it.

cc @Gargron @pixelfed not sure where to go with this :D don’t have this problem anywhere else. Just tried to upload a couple of photos to Pixelfed through Firefox/Windows 11 — only one came up normal.

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Why the weird colours on photos? My avatar here should look as on @pixelfed. At the other hand, colours are off in my Pixelfed photos — as if the reds were missing. I’m using iOS15.5 — Metatext (Mastodon) and the progressive web app (Pixelfed).

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You can rearrange this in as many ways as you like, but in the end it will always read as cowardice:

"Apple has reportedly asked Taiwan-based suppliers to label their products as being produced in China"

I decide to limit my instagram use. It’s not a place for photographers anymore and they’re open about it. i’m not wasting my creativity to fight the same algorithms that overwhelm me with unwanted stimuli. I don’t care for the super duper fast videos with loud music — I just want to enjoy others’ photography and share mine.

I’m switching to Pixelfed :-) Here’s my profile

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The US banned Hawaiian language, poisos our water, devastated our universal healthcare, overthrew our country, & illegally occupies Hawaii to this day. My mother's hands were broken for speaking Hawaiian in school. The US is not a beacon, but the destroyer of independence. #July4

I found my Flickr profile. I may have gotten gray hair in the process - the last upload was in November 2014, my senior year in high school. I didn't use it a lot, but it's still a goldmine of photos I feared I forever lost.

Also, is there any way I can find out what email I used? I can't remember it to save my life - the one I put in bio doesn't work for password recovery.

I post my photos to Instagram now (@abumarkey), but if you'd like to take a look here, be my guest :)

Hi! Do I have web design friends here? I have an idiot's question about .css and dark mode :)

I found what I realize to be a bit crude way to implement the dark mode on my blog. It works well apart from two things: the browser doesn't remember it site-wise. If I go from a post with dark mode on to any other part of the site, it goes back to bright.

The other thing is that I can't for the life of me get the headings to change. The letters stay dark in the dark mode.

I know next to nothing about stuff like that, and I'm at a loss. What do I do?

(English below)

Już w tą sobotę odbędzie się 8. Festiwal Studiów Azjatyckich. Przez cały weekend 28-29.05 w Instytucie Bliskiego i Dalekiego Wschodu UJ (Kraków), w ramach którego przygotowaliśmy cały szereg atrakcji. Odbędzie się m. in. warsztaty taneczne, henny i inne, pokaz filmowy, slajdowisko oraz szereg prelekcji (w tym moja, o mniejszości żydowskiej w Bahrajnie). Zapraszamy! :)

This Saturday brings the 8th Asian Studies Festival. For the whole weekend of May 28-29 at Jagiellonian University's Middle and Far Eastern Institute (Kraków, Poland), we're hosting a series of attractions, like dance and henna workshops, a film show, slideshows and a set of lectures (including mine, about Jews in Bahrain). Much of the event's going to be in Polish, but everyone's welcome! :)

Folks who know Polish: I've got something that you may like. I'm writing a weekly biographical articles of important figures in Middle East and North Africa. I begin today with Mohammad bin Zayed, 's new president.

Apologises to those that don't speak our beautiful little gibberish - I'm a bit overwhelmed now, but I'll try to make some time for an English version of this and future posts, if you're interested :)

(I know it's Facebook - not my choice)

The book: "The History of the United Arab Emirates", John A. Shoup, 2022

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Here's a fun fact about Persian Gulf currencies. On the coast, the Indian Rupee was in use, like in much of the Gulf's Arab coast. The Trucial States, Qatar and Bahrain all used it, which makes sense - them being British protectorates after all. What's interesting is that the Gulf Arab interior actually used a Maria Theresa Thaler, a currency from Austria named after a Habsburg empress.

Of course neither the rupee nor the thaler are used here anymore - most Gulf states use either riyals, dinars or dirhams, but both have been in regional circulation in 20th century.

قَد أكون أَتَعَلَّمُ العَرَبيِّة بثلاثة سنوات, لكن أعلم أقَلُّ ممّا عذراء في موعد (يجب أن أنا أعرف) 😆دَكَرتُ أن أستَطيع أَتَدرِّب هُنا - هَل تُريدونَ أن تَلتَحِقون بِي مع اللغة الَّذي أنتُم تَتعلَّمونَ؟

I may be learning Arabic for 3 years, but I still know less than a virgin on a date (I should know)😆Thought I'd practice here, want to join me with the language you're learning?

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everyone knows the sun is LGBT

(Large Gas Ball, Thermonuclear)

I began reading Harry Potter for (I think) the fourth time. I've always had a great nostalgia for the series, having read it first ~fifteen years ago.

In fact, I read it around the same time last year, and it occurred to me that a yearly Harry Potter marathon's an wholesome habit to have. Given my ongoing, months-long reading about nationalisms, Persian Gulf monarchies and their militaries, it's particularly refreshing to read about the Boy Who Lived.

I've gone a bit further with my thesis since my last post, now writing about the military in UAE in particular. A part of it is describing the way the Emirates promote their armed forces online. I cannot help but feel a tweet about family zones and children, accompanied by a photo of a killing machine, is a bit Orwellian.

Union Fortress is a yearly military parade open to the public. It's used to showcase the military might - nothing that can't expected from a country called "The Little Sparta" by US Defence Secretary Gen. Mattis.

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