”’My friends in England were laughing at for overreacting,’ she said. ‘But Poland went straight into action, and who’s laughing now?’”

Frightened by Coronavirus, Many of ’s Poles Are Heading Home

: government to tighten quarantine rules, writes Rzeczpospolita daily. Nothing but grocery shops will stay open — forests, boulevards, playgrounds and parks to close down. The decision will be announced today after an anti-crisis staff meeting.

Vice-Premier and Minister of Education, Jarosław Gowin, said on Polish Radio 3 that “restrictions won’t be as radical as in Germany,” where no more than 2 people can meet, but there’s an idea to impose a passenger limit on public transport.


All the singing from balconies for the heroic medical teams is nice, but you know what else they need? Good working conditions. Get in power the people who will provide that.

The same goes for the “un-skilled” labourers, like cashiers, who also are at the frontlines.

Well, fuck.

A 57-year-old woman in Poznan is the first to die from in . She was in critical condition.

16 are under observation in the hospital, 2 who have the virus are reported to feel OK. There are 47 cases across the country.


Gov’t press conference today: All nurseries, preschools, schools and universities in closed for two weeks due to the . The same goes for cinemas, theatres and museums across the country.

There are 25 coronavirus cases now.


The first case of in was confirmed today by the minister of health. The pacient is hospitalised in Zielona Góra. 316 people across the country are quarantined. 4459 are monitored by the sanepid (state sanitary agency); 68 people are hospitalised (I’m assuming due to being suspected).

There have been several rumours that the coronavirus arrived here earlier (tooted one myself). Some speculated the government is hiding the actual number. There doesn’t seem to be anything substantial to back that up, although the lateness of the virus’ arrival does seem weird.

The running joke was that we’ve been the green island again. Poland was infamously claimed to run through the 2008 Financial Crisis unharmed, and this map became legendary in the country.


There’s no confirmed case in , but the Jagiellonian University gives away such masks to those who feel unwell, asking them to wear it inside the University buildings. Nice. (I don’t have symptoms, it’s just a light flu on its way out).

The first in was recorded today. A woman who returned from Thailand with breathing problems went to a hospital in the city of Łódź. Tests confirmed she has the virus.

The weather finally starts making sense (sun + 16°C), so I thought I’d bike 37 km in 2 hours.

Am I dying? Yes. Does it feel nice? Maybe.

‘s incumbent president, Andrzej Duda, kicks off his re-election campaign (voting takes place on May 10). Here’s a taste of it, posted on Twitter by Anna Romańczuk, social media manager for Law and Justice, the ruling party the president is aligned with. Not kidding 😂

This woman’s name is Joanna Lichocka. She’s an MP for the ruling party in ’s parliament, and — nota bene — the party’s member of the Parliamentary Culture Commision. Here she was showing the opposition a middle finger during a vote yesterday. Claims she was just rubbing her eyes; a shameless lie typical for the Law and Justice party, which claims to represent “Polish values.”

Photos via Onet.pl

You may know the definition of instanity already. There’s also being bold — doing the same stuff all over again because you know you can get away with it. That’s the priest class for you write.as/abumarkey/the-reason-

It’s not the Brazilian working class weakening their country’s environmental protections. That’s the doing of the fascist president, Bolsanaro. We must stop him, his likes, and corporations from destroying our home.

The wrong is on fire m-fronc.tumblr.com/post/187232

Don’t fetishise my country. The good folk who rised against Nazis, rised for free — against people like you. m-fronc.tumblr.com/post/186746

Soldiers entered hospitals to shoot wounded protestors. They raped, and threw people’s corpses into the Nile. Dozens of people died within the first 2 days.

That’s how Sudan’s military ends a peaceful sit-in protest.

’s body in the Nile m-fronc.tumblr.com/post/185567

With such patronising attitude that we have, we’re playing into Kaczynski’s argument that the bloody liberals and rotten leftists don’t care about the true Poles’ wellbeing • : No enemy like a liberal m-fronc.tumblr.com/post/185292

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