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Chillin at the RSK booth repping @SovrynBTC@twitter.com at

Come hang

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Hey there! Please retweet 🔄 and/or donate 💸 to make the next big release finally happen!🚀 Big thanks! 🙏🏻 gitcoin.co/grants/916/ancient- 🐺

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Get your money out of SBW default hosted channel, it's unsafe to keep anything there given a situation.

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Retweet if you want bolt12. ⚡️ Bolt12.org

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Consider donating to my free open source project please! Each contribution will get amplified by whales -> gitcoin.co/grants/916/ancient-

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LNBTC <> RBTC submarine swaps are now live on testnet 👀

Great start to bridging and @RSKsmart@twitter.com @SovrynBTC@twitter.com by @citlayik@twitter.com @_gkris@twitter.com


Znasz VPSy od Mikrusa? Rzuć okiem :) mikr.us/?r=3d801985 via @uwteam@twitter.com

Dość tanie i solidne ;) Jeśli macie pytania, walcie śmiało

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New tournament live! 🟢

Lone wolf 18

Prize pool: 30,000sat 💰💰
Entry: free
Composition: Any
Map: Verdansk 80s
Game: Best
Scoring: Placement & Kills

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Trustless peg-ins into @Liquid_BTC@twitter.com network are now accessible to all. as all things should be 🔥🔥 tdex.network/trustless-bitcoin

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Bespoke Synth is an brand-new open-source nonlinear audio processing environment for Linux/Mac/WIndows. It's also free (as in free beer) but will gladly accept donations (check the feature matrix).


Listen to theofficial trailer and get hyped!


#BespokeSynth #Audio #FOSS #OpenSource #Linux #LinuxAudio #FreeSoftware #Libre #MusicProduction

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@AltcoinDailyio@twitter.com Yes, $ETH is getting sent while my bag of $SOV of @SovrynBTC@twitter.com following suit.

Sovryn is the only truly decentralized financial protocol built on is the real deal 💪🏼

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Sovryn is the only truly decentralised financial protocol built on today. In just five months since launching, Sovryn has:

Aż przydałoby się sprawdzić jak poradzi sobie Crossposter w przypadku dłuższego postu na Twitterze. Skoro Twitter obsługuje z 240 znaków, to Mastodon ma ich aż 500. Jako, że jest to test, to zapewne albo zostanie do podzielone na 2 wpisy (myślę, że jest to mało prawdopodobne) albo zostanie wrzucony fragment i link do wpisu na Mastodon, a myślę, że jest to bardziej prawdopodobne. Ogólnie rozpisałem się, ale nie wiem po co :D Chyba tylko, aby sprawdzić co się stanie się.

Mastodon rulez ;)

Most Mastodon <-> Twitter działa w obie strony. Chociaż ciekawi mnie co będzie z limitem znaków :)

If you want to support decentralised platforms, see "Mastodon Twitter Crossposter"

It makes your posts appear on the other network.


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Send $BTC to El Salvador today, in addition to smash buying for yourself. We’ll donate $30 to @bitcoinsmiles@twitter.com for every person who retweets this by 11:59 pm PT tonight.

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