I appreciate that @valvesoftware@twitter.com has an independent repairment company take care of selling repairment items.

This is a good sign for the #RightToRepair movement!

RT @OnDeck@twitter.com

Steam Deck (and Valve Index) parts are now live at ifixit.com. Learn more about our collaboration with iFixit here: ifixit.com/News/60131/how-valv

🐦🔗: twitter.com/OnDeck/status/1528

Tried to learn Dvorak keyboard layout for a few hours and ended up typing Qwerty faster...

I'm taking a note here:
Experiment "give first grade child a laptop with and tell him to install without giving any clues" was a huge success.

So the Odysee app is just a web wrapper, still works really bad, has many glitches. And the player doesn't use system media controls, instead it has ugly glitched custom notification with not working (at least for me) pause button.

Want an example of where Fedora Silverblue 36 trumps the usability of macOS? See the gorgeous new screenshot feature (part of GNOME 42).

1. What do you press to take a screenshot on a Mac? I keep forgetting the silly combination… On my machine, it’s the Print Screen button.

2. The screenshot feature is entirely intuitive with no hidden functionality; it remembers your choices and lets you record stills or videos.


#usability #design #fedora #fedoraSilverblue #gnome #macOS #linux

Windows 11 is an assault on user's ownership of their computers.

If you want to run Windows 11 - you can't run Linux or anything else unless Microsoft explicitly lets you do it. What if they don't let you? Hah!


#Windows11 #Windows #Security #Freedom #Linux #FreeSoftware #Libre #GNU #Security #IT

Cześć polskie Fedi!

@krzysiek postanowił zapełnić naszą Fediwersową lukę i zahostować polską instancję Pixelfeda. Jaki adres? Oczywiście... pixelfed.pl/

Kto chce przekonać znajomych do porzucenia Instagrama to polecam i zapraszam! (tak, da się ich obserwować z poziomu Mastodona).

You can tell the difference between the crypto kids on Reddit buy to "get rich" and the one people use

A feature of email is that my inbox is an immutable copy of everything I received no-one can change.

With email, I can prove I've been harassed, sent malware, wrong links, illegal orders by my employers, the date of an event I've missed because it was wrong and I'm innocent, etc.

With Google AMP, the sender will be able to "update" those emails and deny his mistake, hide proofs, fake the history.

This technology put people at risk.


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Did you know that outside of the app store, on idle devices, researchers have found both Android and iOS share plenty of private data with Google and Apple respectively, on average every 4.5 minutes? You don't have to choose between the "lesser evil". Read more about alternatives to Big Tech's privacy washing. puri.sm/posts/privacy-washing-

Imagine #libraries don't exist, but there's this person who thought of them and is trying to convince everyone else about them.

-Borrow books for free? People are going to steal them!
-You can just come in to use a computer? Well that's just going to be abused by freeloaders.
-Staff? Who is going to pay them? Why should my taxes be wasted subsidising access to books for people who haven't saved and bought their own?

How many amazing things do we dismiss? What is our society missing out on?

@p10 @EU_Commission When it comes to the internet, EU can't decide themself if want to send beacons of hope or beacons of hopless.

Happy Monday! Some of you asked if there's an official Mozilla #Matrix server, and there is:

Head over to chat.mozilla.org.

I wrote something about why messages sometimes fail to decrypt on #matrix: blog.neko.dev/posts/unable-to-

It is still rough and will probably get reworked at some point, but I don't have the time for that rn, so that will have to wait. Maybe it is already interesting to you!

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