@m0iga @seachdamh Fakt:
forked from signalapp/Signal-Android"
To znaczy, że po prostu pokazałem uczniom kolejny przejaw twórczości community ;-)

@didek @PawelK być może ale zawsze warto pokazywać młodym różne niemainstreamowe rzeczy

@PawelK Yes - Session is open source, based on Tor network.

Tonight marks the long-awaited Grand Final of Eurovision.

40 countries brought together in song and conviviality; we wish all the participants the best of luck in this joyous event followed by millions of Europeans.

We'll be watching and cheering alongside you.


Tak się pochwalę - PTI przyznało mojej książce tytuł 2 miejsca w konkursie na najlepszą polską
książkę informatyczną roku 2022.

The EU #SkillsProfileTool is a free online tool to help people integrate into the labour market:

🤝Easier to map your skills and find jobs and other opportunities
📜 Advice to get recognised foreign diplomas or language courses

ℹ️ europa.eu/!RV3KdN

. #dNews #News #Ukraine #Russia

Russia is Being Hacked at an Unprecedented Scale

From “IT Army” DDoS attacks to custom malware, the volunteer group has been knocking Russian websites offline using distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, which flood websites and make them inaccessible.

Russian online payment services, government departments, aviation companies, and food delivery firms have all been targeted as it aims to disrupt everyday life in Russia. wired.co.uk/article/russia-hac

@seth yes sometimes i want to go with wife and look at sea, listen to wind... Not working not thinking about technologii..

Video currently making rounds of Russian media with #Ukraine president Zelensky talking to Elon Musk with a nice pile of white powder on his desk… and the original on the right from https://www.youtube.com/shorts/dbTjpPLv9NE

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