Again I'll write my question in English as hopefully more people will notice this post (besides everyone of my followers know English even if they are Polish so whatever xD).

I know only two languages: Polish as my mother tongue and English. A few months ago I decided to learn Esperanto. This language is simple, pleasant to learn and sometimes even more logical than English.

However when I speak to my friends and family they are always like "why do you learn that language? No one actually speaks it!" which actually pisses me off just a little (don't worry @teetotaller - I'm not talking about you - you just kindly asked :D).

As an English teacher I personally think that there is no such thing as "wasting your time learning language". If there is at least one person in the world that speaks certain language it's fine (in terms of Esperanto there are around 1,000 "native speakers" and less than 200,000 speakers who know Esperanto as their second language).

Personally what do you think about the idea of learning Esperanto? Do you have any personal experience with this language? Or did you meet any Esperantists?

@robert_wolniak @teetotaller >Personally what do you think about the idea of learning Esperanto?

I have several points:
1. you will not be immersed, frustrating your learning
2. there are comparatively few available resources
3. it is a european language and you already speak two of those
4. the group is rather elite, so you may make some good connections

Because of 1 and 2 it will take you an unreasonable amount of time to learn compared to the benefit, IMHO. But, these elite things are more useful than appearance lets on. In terms of do I think it is good to do... my thought is that if are a linguist and you are cutting out time you could spend learning chinese to learn esperanto then that is foolish. However, if it is an extra thing, then I don't see an issue, but I would make sure to get the important languages first, which is english, and then chinese.

>Do you have any personal experience with this language?
I do not speak it.

>Or did you meet any Esperantists?
I have met two who speak it. One of them also speaks Klingon. The other is my mother.
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