Hi Guys 😉

As most of my contacts are in English, I decided to write that post in English (Polish folks as far as I know speak English quite well so that is okay as well).

I am moving my Mastodon profile to my own little self-hosted instance. Feel free to follow me there: @szkodnix (you already received a message that I started following you - yes, that's my legit account).

See you around!

@Anzeliane Sure. You know where to find us :) Remember that you are never alone!

@Anzeliane Would you like to talk about it? Would that make you feel better?

@cichy1173 A ja postawiłem na trzy dni przed 😆 Ja to mam timing...

Tlap tlap! Tlapkov TV is broadcasting!

Tlapka's Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Julius Mode stream

#pelek #fediverse #videogames


@nomadbynature Oooo czego jestem specjalistą? 😆 chętnie się dowiem!

@Anzeliane It is definitely worth learning how to love who you really are and how you look. I hope you'll get there eventually! 🥰

@kaia Is it Mineclone on Minetest? Maybe report it somewhere? @Wuzzy I summon thy! xD

@SceNtriC Boję się jakie jeszcze definicje interaktywności wymyślą 😁

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