I usually post in Polish but as I want to reach out to as many people as it is possible I'll post this message in English.

My question for today: Do you know any methods for me to learn how to love myself (I mean my personality, "good" traits, who I really am etc. I guess you get my point)?

Well, this is long overdue...
But here I come with my brilliant idea! 😄 Ask others what they think of you. Seriously. Pick some people that know you best and ask them. You'll most likely be able to look at yourself from others' perspective(s). If they manage to be honest you'll possibly learn new things about yourself and appreciate who you are more.


@teetotaller I ask them all the time so for me it isn't a new idea. That's just what I do all the time when I have some serious doubts about my personality.

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I don't think you'll find my next idea enlightening either, however... My next approach would be to ask myself what I value in others and then compare this list with the things my close ones mentioned. It's only logical to appreciate in one's self what we appreciate in others.
Nothing new here, sorry. I'm no therapist... But I'd like you to feel better all the same.

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