Poland / Light of Bethlehem 

Shortly we will have "Peace Light of Bethlehem", where polish scouting association gives physical candles ignited from the fire that is in the cave in where Jesus was allegedly born in Bethlehem.

This action always was hypocritical for me. But this year it is doubly so. Poor scouts will give "light of peace" to random governmental persons. Including the president and probably multiple border guard commendants.

#poland #polska


Poland / Light of Bethlehem 

Yes, we want peace. We don't want war. Whoever violates our border wants war.

You yourself are a hypocrite or don't understand what you write.

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Poland / Light of Bethlehem 

@pronto Lol. I'm pretty sure that refugees just want a place to live. And if among them there are people that are not friendly then this is why we have asylum granting process and hopefully working intelligence services.

And they wouldn't violate border if A) Łukaszenka let them B) we did take asylum requests in border crossing.

Łukaszenka might want conflict. But by doing what we are doing we are just making his job easier.

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