update: it is not worth it, I will let her know

There were a few mentions in the comments about a #GNOME Shell extension called #PaperWM that seems to implement similar scrolling tiling window management. 👉🏻 github.com/paperwm/PaperWM

Interesting video about - I was surprised that based on this, a lot of programming languages can not handle fractions correctly, right? So i did a small programm in and it seems that this language also can handle math. Surprise surprise 😄
Source code: pkotrcka.inlisp.org/compfract.

Video: youtu.be/hR9UdvxMAbo?t=567

Added pkotrcka.inlisp.org/pens.html - how could I forget about this in my list of hobbies? 😮

Not the best day in the history, the lost lady wrote me again, but then even when I offered that I'll try to swap shifts with my colleague, her response was pretty cold. So I'm not sure if it is worth the effort. Yeah, all that because of a woman. And not even 'the one'. I should focus on - that never lets me down.

This was my afternoon.. and yes, it is a coffee lemonade.. and yes, it was good

Scrolling is much smoother in Vivaldi (compared to Firefox). Why is that?

I'm trying a new eShop, they should deliver my package to the store to pick up. I got 2 messages from them, one telling me that it's ready and the second one telling me the opposite, that it's not there and they'll tell me more tomorrow. Yes, that is probably my last time to shop there 🤔🤔

No learning for this evening. I stared to the monitor all day, I'll read a book... Rich Chinese girlfriend

I mean "learning", not going to switch from COBOL, that is my love 😄

Just reading some stuff on-the-line and hey, here it is, the result of 20 second of learning 😄

I had a very nice and successful first date yesterday 😉 super happy about it.

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