Lunch time with a friend. Not sure where exactly.

Most of the shops are closed, where can I spend my money?

@v6shell just a small update - 5.4.0 compiled and tested in NetBSD and gcc version 5.5.0 (nb2 20180327) - just for the sake of fun, I will test other C compilers 😄

I know that my age calculator video was a bit too long. So, you wanted it, you have it - short remixed version 😄

I forgor to mention - the sum is for each letter, word checksum is a sum of sums 😄

Maybe even something like sum=(x*n)+(26*n) should be OK if the word is not longer than 12 letters I think?

I was having an interesting conversation with my colleague about programming and diffferent ways how to compare string to the block of text (or to be exact - word to a normal, human generated text with words divided by spaces). One way was, of course, to compare the wanted string with the text, word by word, I was telling him about the first idea of unstring text after each space (starting with the last word), then we moved to a (at least for me) nicer and more interesting way - yes, you still need a word from the text, but - first you just count the number of letters and if that is different, you will take the second to last word, etc. But, my main idea was to "checksum" the word and compare the result. Of course, if for example a=1 and b=2, ABBA and BAAB would have the same checksum. So, right now I am in a process of finding the easiest solution. Something like sum=(x*n)+(26^n) where x equals to a position of the letter in the alphabet (a=1, b=2) and n equals to position of the letter in the word (first letter = 1, etc.) In this case there should not be a variation where there are different letters but the same sum. But, is it always the case? I think, it should be enough if Z on position n will have a lower sum than A on position n+1. Any smartypants here to prove me wrong? End of PSA 😄

Today, I don't need to wear a shirt to work, so it's time for my new hoodie, tshirt and Casio digital watch. Not to forget my opensuse shoulder bag - messenger. I'm feeling so hipstery, modern, fresh, .... 😊😊🤔

pushing MacBook to the limits, Jobs is spinning in the he{ll}aven when he sees so many FOSS programs 😄

After lunch, some grocery shopping, then finishing my installation with enabled. And some more LEARN DIVISION. 😊😊

What should I eat today? China again? Or something more unique?

And here is how it's taking photos. Ambient lighting at the cafe.

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