5 pages of A4 paper converted into a letter. Well done, Peter...

I will probably scale down my pen collection, there are pens I do not use that much.

OK, tested OS108, but... Not for me, pure NetBSD is easier, more recent.. plus, I am getting weird errors about HW detection which I am not getting in NetBSD (8.0 or 8.1).

Hamilton first, McLaren secured 4th position in constructors champ. despite unlucky Safety Car release for their strategy. Not bad, not bad at all.

I am eating a cheese. I was opening the package with that expectation of nothing but this one is actually very good, mild.. I like it.

I am practising recursive functions and is better for understanding those... so, that is why LISP and not today.

A guy in the subway is reading 'communist manifesto' - and holding it that everyone should see what he's reading. Maybe just a coincidence, but I'm too paranoid today to believe it 🤔🤔

😮 my @SDF website is not accessible because inlisp.org domain expired..

that is a sign, I need to do it on my own domain and hosting 😞

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