There's a pub less than a mile from my parents' house.

They've never walked there. I've never been there at all.

My cousin and his wife were staying and wanted to try it, so on Saturday we walked there. Only to realise when it was a few yards away that we were separated from it by a thunderingly busy road and to get there safely we'd have to go a long way round through multiple pedestrian crossings.

My cousin and his wife couldn't be bothered going that far out of their way when the pub was RIGHT THERE, so they dashed across and narrowly missed being hit by a lorry. I waited ages to follow safely and then narrowly missed being hit by a different lorry.

This is car culture. When short distances are judged to be unwalkable because of the threat of traffic.


@griffinkate I thought that in the end it's gonna be some joke.

Ohh no no, no problem and need to be sorry, really. Btw im makin a driving licence in few days, wish me good luck, thx! (however i do compassion with you and your problem, good luck with your nice utopia:)

@pepemao The idea of being able to walk safely to a pub isn't exactly "utopian"! It's actually the norm in the UK, especially since drinking and driving is illegal.

I think you're setting your bar pretty low here! Think of more imaginative, amazing utopias! :) 🌈


@griffinkate hahahh noo I meant this solarpunk instance not cars xD this sunbeam city.. it's norm in the europe and not only here, you misunderstood me, enjoy your day :)

@pepemao Ha, now I understand! I assumed you were American! :)

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