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Some servers are banned or muted for no reason (for example We want internet freedom! The Fediverse community should be free from censorship. We want to communicate with each other, discuss, exchange views and even argue. That's what freedom is all about!

Ask your administrator about banned and muted servers!

Polish language content (treść polskojęzyczna):

Niektóre serwery są banowane, lub wyciszane bez powodu (na przykład Chcemy wolności internetu! Społeczność Fediwersum powinna być wolna od cenzury. Chcemy się wzajemnie komunikować, dyskutować, wymieniać poglądy a nawet prowadzić spory. Na tym polega wolność!

Zapytaj swojego administratora o zbanowane i wyciszone serwery!

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@pavel no matter how hilarious it is to block other instances because of the fact they don’t block other ones, I think it’s up to instance owners if they block other servers for this reason. if that’s a problem, they can always change their instance or set up their own one. if anyone wants to use a *blockchain-powered* instance, let them use it.
and the freedom doesn’t really mean you can demand from other instance owners to let users use owners’ property the way they want. freedom is when nobody forces you to block others, but you can do it if you want
@pavel still, I find the fact of blocking instances for not blocking others funny


You're right, but is supposed to object to an unmotivated server blockage. Any administrator has the right to block servers, but you can see that this also applies to neutral servers. Users can control this and exert pressure if there are servers on the blacklist that don't deserve it. The final decision is still up to the administrator.

@pavel more instances with extensive block lists => more new instances with less invasive block policy => more instances => less centralization
I guess users who don’t like that kind of block policy will just switch instances

@mkljczk Every time a server is blocked for no reason, the access to the community is reduced. This causes the censorship and range limitation effect known from FBs and similar portals. Access to a variety of views allows for personal development. Closing yourself in a circle of homogeneous views means stagnation.

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