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also it would be nice if cameras were accessible at any time over internet via Android smartphone🙄

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My family wants to get some outdoor cameras to monitor our detached house but I heard these things sometimes have really serious security issues and I couldn't find any device that is open-source software.
Does anyone know any non-spooky solution?

It seems like YouTube is extending its AV1 encoding to far more videos than before.

Just a few months before, it was almost only reserved for >1M views videos.
Now I see that even videos viewed less than 150K got their AV1 versions.

That's probably good news for people with limited network speed and powerful PCs...

Czy jestem tu jedyną osobą która chodzi/ła do szkoły która nie ma nic wspólnego z programowaniem/informatyką? 😕

In my opinion here the comparison with Codec2 is missing.
At the end of the day Codec2 is much older and has similar use. If they're comparing Lyra with Opus it obviously Lyra will be better because Opus is not made for low bitrate speech encoding.

Just found out that Manjaro Architect is dead :(

Personal opinion 

There should be a law that requires making EULAs easy to understand and read.

There's plenty of (rather shady) services that have user agreements written in a way that's really hard to decipher and reading it can take like a few hours.

If user needs to sign up for a service in a rush, lets say in some store to get a discount or sth, he probably won't have much time to read this 50 pages full of hard to understand text.

If someone here wanted to learn some modern x86_64 assembly I would recommend this series

W zeszłym roku szkolnym (2020/21) na zdalnych zrobiłem taki i guess fajny skrypt w Pythonie który forwardował output z mojej kamerkii internetowej przez v4l2 okazjonalnie modyfikując go (np. powtarzając fragment nagrania sprzed chwili cały czas).
UI napisałem w pygame tak żebym miał podgląd na realny obraz kamerki i na to co widzą inni ze spotkania i żebym mógł sterować tym co się wyświetla.
Kamerkę v4l2 dało się ustawić na ms teams.
Kilka razy na kartkówkach z kamerką się przydało nie powiem ;)

Do you cover your laptop webcam?

> It's 2021
> Microsoft is creating its own Linux distro for servers

It's a good market strategy I guess but still very weird to see what happens right now

Today I used Python's for .. else syntax for the first time in my life

Who on the earth thought it is a good idea to limit the password to 20 characters???
Especially PayPal...

Dumb question about Gemini protocol 

Just started using Gemini...
Does anyone know if this protocol is/can be somehow compressed?

I mean like HTTP supports content-encodings like gzip and brotli for example

skyware brzmi jakiś nowy rodzaj spyware tylko że ma coś z niebem

Mój poziom zdenerwowania kiedy pobieram coś w .tar.gz na powolnym hotelowym WiFi i czekam jakieś 20 minut na pobranie 100MB a potem kompresuję to w .tar.xz i jest kurcze 2 razy mniejsze 🙄🙄

My little personal website got accepted into scoring 500 bytes compressed and it's currently in the second place.
Not bad I guess :D

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