No, that's not how it works...
(found on instagram)

well, now is also on the list
idk why but okay...

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Today I used Python's for .. else syntax for the first time in my life

Who on the earth thought it is a good idea to limit the password to 20 characters???
Especially PayPal...

skyware brzmi jakiś nowy rodzaj spyware tylko że ma coś z niebem

*me waiting for gentoo to compile chromium*

Like I find this somewhat weird, last time I compiled chromium on gentoo it took longer than compiling my entire system + kde plasma desktop...

Właśnie czytałem sobie całkiem ciekawą stronę "Spyware watchdog" którą znalazłem gdzieś w hidden wiki i zauważyłem że parę artykułów ma też polskie tłumaczenia.
Chciałem sprawdzić kto je zrobił i... jaki ten świat kurcze mały @sech1p

Well, technically 10 in binary is the same as 2 in decimal and there is no such thing as 2 in binary so I don't get it...

In the case you were wondering, Google reports login on OpenBSD with Firefox as login on Unknown device

Those programming pages on Instagram are usually pretty cringe but this one is actually nice

I'm not entirely sure if Flask is a "language" 🤔
Also why is JQuery in the backend?

Just wanted to know how well does the leaked build of Windows 11 run with 4GB of RAM and it doesn't look that great...
[I know, that's not even the official dev build but I was just curious]

It depends on computing power and password validation latency and possibly other factors...
Where do these numbers come from?

Playing videos without Xorg/wayland in ascii art is kinda cool isn't it?

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