School PCs: Slow, ugly, restricted by the domain, bloated with 3 antivirus programs running in the background of Win10...

Me with live persistent Antix Linux USB stick 😏


@michal It's a part of my plan to ditch Windows entirely from my life (even in school) so will see how it goes.

Also my "IT" teacher didn't notice me using GNU+Linux so that's good I guess, probably she doesn't know how to use it anyway.

@oloke @michal "and now please open Excel"
Although LibreOffice has the same functionality it really differs in structure, so good luck.

@crusom @michal Fortunately we don't do Excel this year, I also believe there's something like excel in the cloud but it could be paid idk.

@oloke @crusom @michal yes, there it is web version of excel but you must be logged in

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