My family wants to get some outdoor cameras to monitor our detached house but I heard these things sometimes have really serious security issues and I couldn't find any device that is open-source software.
Does anyone know any non-spooky solution?

also it would be nice if cameras were accessible at any time over internet via Android smartphone🙄

@oloke I like the Ubiquiti cameras, and you can run a local server, but they are not cheap. Cheaper would be a basic IP cam, on a VLAN firewalled from the Internet, with something like zoneminder as the interface to them.

Looks like some xiaomi cameras are supported by home assistant and have open source firmware available:

@dudenas oh thank you! that looks awesome.
Will definitely consider using it ;)


My first thought was "hmm, a networked raspberry pi + camera should handle this" and then I remembered I had a camera a friend got me which is NOT the standard rpi camera, so I went to look for a list of all the cameras that were available, came across a list and then this was ALSO on the page, so:

It would be a start, and I wouldn't just go straight for that solution, but this should get you an idea of what you could do "yourself" with a single board computer + camera type‌ thing.

(Note it doesn't have to be a pi, the motioneyeos page lists ... a lot of sbc models it supports.)

@Truck thanks a lot!

It was also my first thought but then I realized it also needs to be waterproof and have night vision capabilities.

If I didn't find anything better then I would probably do this since I have some experience from my rpi zero w with camera module :D

@oloke @Truck just buy night vision camera for rpi
I costs like <50zl on AliExpress

In regard to waterproof i suggest you to try make yourself a dyi case for that
Maybe using 3d printer or grab an old case and then drill the holes for camera lenses or something

You may also need some storage for recorded videos, so external drive connected to rpi would be suitable

@crusom @Truck honestly I didn't realize that there's night vision camera for the pi.

Sadly I don't have a 3d printer yet but will see what I can do.

I think I'll be storing all media on a NAS drive connected via WiFi or something so probably won't need to plug any external drive to the rpi.

Thank you :)

@oloke @Truck i bought cheap one on Ali, so I know what im saying xD
Night vision works pretty good.
Really, astonishingly good

Idk where you live but there're plenty of places where you can 3d print something.
Like local social centers.
Or maybe your school have one? It's pretty common this days
My school bought one and doesn't use it at all so there's no problem to use it

@crusom @oloke

Check your public library. If they're a sensible public library, like what we have in Helsinki, they'll have them available.

(and sewing machines, and woodworking stuff, and stuff for cutting ... basically we cut all the pieces we needed for a keyboard at the one in Iso Omena.)

@Truck @crusom I feel like there's still quite a bit of difference between Finland and Poland where it comes to tech but will try ;)

Thanks for help!

@oloke @crusom

There is. You have more hardcore Amiga and Atari 8 bit folks than we do, and more low-level folks. We have more hardcore X86 folks (:

You can get parts from mainland Europe easier, we ... sometimes get them via Poland (:

@Truck @oloke oh sure, we have a lot of retro-stuff enthusiasts, can't disagree

@crusom @Truck thanks!
This camera looks really awesome :)

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