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Cześć wszystkim! 😁
W pierwszym poście chciałbym powiedzieć coś o mnie:

Moje zainteresowania:
- Teoria informacji (kompresja danych i inne takie magie)
- Programowanie i algorytmy
- FOSS i internetowa prywatność
- Instalacja Linuxów i BSD
- Urządzenia embedded
- Rozbieranie, naprawa i składanie komputerów
- Cyberbezpieczeństwo

Nie lubię:
- Propertiary software
- Scentralizowanych wielkich korporacji
- Hate speech

well, now is also on the list
idk why but okay...

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Sometimes watching Linus Tech Tips I get somewhat weird feeling when Linus says that some 5 years old part is "old" or "outdated".
I know for many people including me 5 year old hardware is like brand new...

Microsoft with Windows 11: to be more secure, we invented Virtualization-based Security in 2021

Qubes OS: Am I joke to you?

Why is HBA much more expensive than RAID card?
Why is HBA card more expensive than the entire server??
What's going on HP???


Za niecałe 2 lata będę pełnoletni i powinienem brać udział w wyborach.

A przez kilka ostatnich lat nie jestem w stanie określić ani czy jestem lewicą czy prawicą czy nawet tym "środkiem".

Po prostu na obojętnie jaką partię polityczną nie spojrzę to widzę tylko błędy rozumowania, nawet w swoim pojęciu o świecie często je zauważam.

Jak żyć...

School PCs: Slow, ugly, restricted by the domain, bloated with 3 antivirus programs running in the background of Win10...

Me with live persistent Antix Linux USB stick 😏

List of some sites that OSE (Ogólnopolska Sieć Edukacyjna) is blocking (sniffing by forcing their own cert):

What do you thing about all this Epik-Anonymous thing?

Stupid security question:
If someone finds a remote OS command injection in router (which doesn't provide telnet nor ssh) but it's only possible when the user is authenticated is it still considered security vulnerability?
After all user already has to be admin of the device in order to execute something on it

Yesterday I was switching my GPU with my brother (he got a new one and I got his older one).

When he switched it, we had to look for the driver cause Windows displayed VGA resolution on his PC.
Nvidia site had shown some "unexpected error" message so I downloaded Geforce Experience to install drivers but it also failed. Finally I had to install older driver. Took us about 30 mins.

When I boot up my PC with new GPU on Manjaro everything worked fine without even need to install anything :)

also it would be nice if cameras were accessible at any time over internet via Android smartphone🙄

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My family wants to get some outdoor cameras to monitor our detached house but I heard these things sometimes have really serious security issues and I couldn't find any device that is open-source software.
Does anyone know any non-spooky solution?

It seems like YouTube is extending its AV1 encoding to far more videos than before.

Just a few months before, it was almost only reserved for >1M views videos.
Now I see that even videos viewed less than 150K got their AV1 versions.

That's probably good news for people with limited network speed and powerful PCs...

Czy jestem tu jedyną osobą która chodzi/ła do szkoły która nie ma nic wspólnego z programowaniem/informatyką? 😕

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