@DeveloperMemes GDPR doesn't specify that every website needs to have a cookie popup.

@kuba I'm afraid you might be the only one who actually read the policy 🙃

@kuba@toot.kuba-orlik.namethats that's exactly what it is, but where to find good advice if you have no time to read all that GDPR shit?

Jest o tym odcinek na @midline ?


@nomadbynature @midline @DeveloperMemes it's just another law, if you need it because you are a developer or you manage an agency you have to find the time to read the regulation.
The regulation don't say not to use a functionality, they say the web user has to consent about their personal data to be used and they have to be justified for the purpose of the website.
The marketeers try to trick the website users and put them in the position to always say "yes"

@nomadbynature technology changes so you need to force companies not to use personal data as they wish.
Without this law a website that gets your email to access to cute cat videos could use the same email to send you email of fake news about a political issue.
And it happened, so the law was needed.

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