A efekt korzystania z wynalazku taki 馃ザ馃お

@nomadbynature Ale fajne :D W sumie mo偶na by艂o si臋 domy艣la膰, 偶e to mo偶e mie膰 co艣 wsp贸lnego z robieniem wideo,

@rdarmila kamerk臋 na zdj臋ciu wida膰, ale mo偶e ma艂o wyra藕nie 馃槃

@alan i can't take credit for this little invention, the product name's selfie spin 360, i just made a DIY version 馃槅

@nomadbynature If it performs the same action and you didn't need to buy it, then it's genius 馃榿

@alan I spent 0z艂 on it, i had everything i needed at home 馃槑

@nomadbynature @alan tyle zachodu aby dosta膰 艣nie偶n膮 ga艂膮 w

@tt by艂o du偶o zabawy, przy robieniu gad偶etu i kr臋ceniu @alan

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