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I always recommend as a good place to start if you’re looking for alternatives to Google products:

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Do you know what happens to your data when you use your smartphone?

Check out the interview below to find out how /e/OS keeps you in control and why @Fairphone and /e/ make such a good team!

Watch on Vimeo here:

#yourdataisYOURdata #privacy #daretocare

Hey guys, just letting you know that I've changed my email provider to . You'll find my new email address in bio 📨

Kind reminder that internet was made to be decentralized

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Because sometimes you just want the updates and not messages from 1000 people, here’s a Telegram channel for ya!

I no longer have time and resources to self-host my . So I'm asking you for advice. Which provider are you using and can recommend? So far I've been looking at and . Also, as you know I really enjoyed having my own domain but I suppose my priorities have shifted somehow and now I just want a mailbox that works well and doesn't cost a fortune. Own domain is not a must anymore. What do you suggest?

#Recycling isn't as effective as you would think.
So what's the way? Read more:

Reduce, reuse, repair, than recycle. Of course, recycling is better than throwing stuff away. But that is not the best solution.

I've just set up as my main email app on Android. I know, crazy idea! 🙃 It'll fetch all (classic) emails and put them in neat threads. So far I know that there might be problems with HTML rich emails. It's a good thing I prefer plaintext messages 😏

I wish all the instant messengers were as pretty and snappy as .

Wśród przeglądarek jedyną alternatywą jest tak naprawdę Mozilla Firefox, którą rekomendujemy! (2/2)

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I just realised what it is that I really like about this place.

I initially thought it was mostly because of shared interest with people here, but recently my interests changed dramatically and I still wanted to come back.

Now I see it’s something much more fundamental. People here actually listen to each other. Like, properly.

Everyone pays close attention to what others have said and they do their very best to provide thoughtful discourse. And that is something we all need much more of.

The 400 looks like the coolest, cutest little device of 2020!

A serious question has been rattling through my mind lately. Which messaging protocol is better: or . And by better I mean more mature and user-friendly. Also, where can I find more people? 🤔

I've finally registered an account on . Can you guys recommend any communities? I'm interested in , , .

All my life I've been trying to make a difference, however small it might be. And being here on and is part of that endeavour. I'm glad that I joined the decentralised part of the Internet and that I can interact with such an amazing community of real people (as opposed to brands). Have a great day everyone! 🍁🍂⛅

Decided to give another try. Gotta add my username to my homepage. I really like the idea of a P2P video messenger 👍🏻

GNU Jami, a video, voice and text communication software, released a new version with major improvements. Read more at:

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