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Does anyone here use security cameras? What's your opinion: yay or nay? I'd like to buy (or build) some kind of simple security system but I have no idea where to start 🙈

The best release to-date just got an update. I use it as my daily driver so I know what I'm talking about 😉 Highly recommended! 👍🏻

I guess I'm getting old since I consciously choose an LTS version of for my setup and for others. Stability and predictability are by far the most important factors for me right now 🤷🏻‍♂️

I tried the @e_mydata project for a few weeks, and it blew me away! I think I have found my degoogled Android replacement:

Delta Chat - free (as in freedom) messaging client that doesn't have their own servers but use existing e-mail server network. All messeges sent by Delta Chat are encrypted. It is good alternative to Messenger, you can write messeges to everyone, who have e-mail.

Read more:

#DeltaChat #email #Encryption #Privacy #Messenger

I don't know the author but the picture clearly shows how pedestrians and cyclists feel in many places.

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Autora nie znam ale obrazek świetnie ilustruje sytuację pieszych w wielu miastach Polski.

2020 saw 20+ DC releases on 5+ platforms.

We don't much pre-announce features.
We don't have much of a roadmap.
We don't have totalizing planning or overviews.
We avoid clock-scheduling.
We use a fraction of the money other messengers got.
We like to chill.

Expect us :)

Choose all the ones you use:

Boosts welcome!

Recently I've come to the conclusion that the world doesn't need yet another instant messenger. Good old email will do just fine. Use with your existing email account. the net. Plus if you're technically inclined you can run your own mailbox with . Highly recommended! It works like a charm with Delta Chat 🤩 @delta

Fuck it, I'm gonna move my primary inbox to and just see what happens. If I'm happy after a couple of weeks I'll stick with it. If not, I can always go back to . Bonus: I can host my static site within 😉

Here’s the video of my talk “Beyond surveillance capitalism: alternatives, stopgaps, Small Web, and Site.js.” from Creative Mornings Istanbul on Friday.

Edited to fix the audio sync issue, add captions, chapters, and links to all the mentioned tools, etc.

Enjoy + please share! :)

Jak by ktoś chciał wspomóc admina to przypominam o opcji dotacji przez PayPal:

@sir @lanodan imagine if any other business accepted the things software engineering accepts?

"Yeah sometimes your car doors just won't open. Restart it and see if that helps".

"We couldn't make this fridge run on the west coast power grid so we shipped it together with a complete miniature power grid that the user can dock into their kitchen."

"I know this microwave uses 4000W but have you seen the pretty UI?"

I'm proud to say that I did what most people wouldn't even bother to think about. I decided to host and manage my own mail server (thanks ). It seems to be working as expected, but I'll continue monitoring and if all goes well I'll post a more detailed review. Also, let me know if you're interested in a how-to 😉 📧

Delta Chat has a brand-new Warp-Engine ("Async Rust") with a 5-10 times faster message fetch, revamped galleries, blurring tool for not just faces, multi-account support and most importantly: you can click on an avatar and it gets larger ... more details

Hi, I'm Graeme , from North West England.

I worked in IT for many years, but became tired of the "mainstream" industry and big data companies.

I am a big #privacy advocate, believing in the freedom to control our own data in the cloud and on our devices, supporting people where I can with this. Long term #Linux user, #raspberrypi tinkerer, #retrocomputing enthusiast.

Hoping there's lots of like-minded people here on fosstodon!

I'm curious, has anyone here used ? As in selfhosted mail box. If so can you briefly describe your experience? 🧐🙏🏻

TFW your script works flawlessly after some impromptu improvements 🤩 🙌

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