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Free is not really free, you鈥檙e just paying with a different currency. #privacy

Czyta艂em ostatnio artyku艂 na temat operacji w czasach koronawirusa. Wysz艂o na to, 偶e odwo艂ano w szpitalach ok. 70% operacji. I wychodzi na to, 偶e na nowotwory i choroby serca z powodu odwo艂ania operacji umrze w najbli偶szym czasie, lub ju偶 umar艂o, niepor贸wnywalnie wi臋cej os贸b ni偶 najprawdopodobniej uda艂o si臋 uratowa膰 przed koronawirusem przez izolacj臋, zamykanie szpitali i odwo艂ywanie operacji. A do tego rozwalili艣my sobie gospodark臋.

They did it, awesome! Flawless execution 馃殌馃憤馃徎

Korwin jak wiadomo: kr贸l rapu. Ale w tym przypadku ucze艅 chyba przer贸s艂 mistrza 馃檶馃徎

I can finally say that I'm a full-time /e/ OS user. And I'm really happy with its performance on my .

W艂a艣nie tak dzia艂a (automatyczne?) t艂umaczenie reklam na fb 馃ぃ Zdecydowanie lepiej brzmi w oryginale: "The next-generation paper tablet"

Thank you "Linux Lounge" for this comprehensive /e/ OS presentation!

"best looking android experience out of the box"

"where a lot of Android ROMs fail, this thing definitely succeeds"

#degoogled #android #privacy #opensource

I wonder what's going on with builds for Xiaomi Mi A1 . There weren't any updates for over a month now. Should I start looking for another custom ROM?

PSA: ze wzgl臋du na zalew spambot贸w zawiesili艣my rejestracj臋 na 101010. Zaproszenia przynajmniej w teorii powinny dzia艂a膰.

Do they call them alpha males because they lack certain essential features, are potentially unstable, and may be seriously flawed?

Nie wiem czemu ale wyj膮tkowo jaram si臋 jutrzejsz膮 premier膮 . Mo偶e dlatego 偶e od jakiego艣 czasu przekona艂em si臋 w pe艂ni do ? A mo偶e dlatego 偶e w ko艅cu oferuj膮 ciemny motyw w zestawie? Pewnie par臋 innych powod贸w te偶 by si臋 znalaz艂o. P贸ki co s艂u偶y艂 wiernie ale kto wie, kto wie... 馃馃ぉ

That's what I've been saying all along... 馃憞

Why everyone should be using Signal instead of WhatsApp | WIRED UK

I've been testing #Jami again after a number of software updates. Text chat performance has improved markedly. It's delivering each message quickly, and in order. Users can now send both voice messages and video messages, which is great for doing voice/ video chat on patchy network connection. Now I'm excited for the group text chat feature to ship!

A wee reminder to the folks diving into Zoom, Slack and other "free" proprietary services... remember, they can & do change their terms at their whim, suddenly. If you build systems around these tools, realise you'll eventually have to pay through the nose or work out how to bear the pain of changing your systems to a more cost-effective option in future. I can guarantee it.

Videoconferencing software has become essential to individuals and businesses living under COVID-19 social distancing. If Zoom were free, we could work together to find ways to control access and combat trolls. In the meantime, use free alternatives like instead!

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