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As promised, here are the details and screenshots for October’s updates. 🎉 As of today, elementary OS supports Flatpak out of the box—check the link for all the details. And thanks to our friends at for sponsoring this month’s updates and post!

So yesterday I managed to install on my old and dusty . Another achievement unlocked! 🙌🏻 BTW, can you recommend any good block lists? I'd especially use some lists for Polish sites.

I know I'm being boring, but seriously check out and support them on . Every dollar counts!

"Everything that we do now lasts forever, not because we want to remember, but because we're not allowed to forget. Just carrying a phone in your pocket is enough for your movements to become immortalized"

-- Edward Snowden

Podobno Google zrezygnowało z czytnika linii papilarnych w . Zamiast tego odblokowywanie twarzą, które trudno nazwać bezpiecznym. Czy oni już całkiem upadli na głowę?

If you have some $ to spare I'd recommend supporting . They are doing an amazing job.

Criptext: encrypted email with true ownership by Mayer Mizrachi — Kickstarter

Nearly three thousand requests with folks from Poland to California :) I think I’ll keep it running until it reaches about 10,000 and then give the little Pi a rest and call it a day!

:wave: @gid


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Twitter (w wersji Lite) wypluwał za dużo powiadomień więc go wyrzuciłem z telefonu 😠 Teraz mam spokój 😇

It's official, I've switched full time to /e/ OS on my mobile. For now I'm using my old but I'm planning to upgrade next year. I'll probably consider or an older Samsung since these are well supported. @e_mydata

"I'm impressed by Duval's privacy-first approach, which builds on the existing successful Android platform... He is making the best of it!". Thanks #StevenVaughanNicols
and #ZDNet
Check our website and order your /e/ smartphone today!

U mnie działa, a u Ciebie?

While I can't keep up with Birdsite these days (algorithms 👎) I easily follow your updates here on . Once again points for the .

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