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First the Internet gave us access to everything. Then it gave everything access to us.

It's time to try out . So far it feels like the app has everything I need and so much more 馃ぉ

Update: apparently LineageOS builds for Nvidia Shield have been suspended for now. So I guess if I ever had to choose a tablet it'd be Samsung... or maybe once it's out 馃槈

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So I've done some research and it turns out that I should either look for or Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (8' or 9.7' screen size version). But now I wonder: do I really need a tablet? Well, probably not right now but I love tinkering with this stuff.

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Bardzo mnie to "naci艣nij" rozbawi艂o. Odno艣nik prowadzi do "press" 馃槣

Let's say I want to buy a tablet and install . Which (second-hand) device should I consider? Is a good choice?

Not sure what happened to translations here but it seems Polish is not the priority 馃槙

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Decided to run /e/ as my daily driver for the next couple of days. Who knows, I might even stay in e-land for good 馃槈

One step closer to shipping our /e/ smartphones: packaging and in-box materials are ready! We're currently fine tuning our back office as we speak to be able to launch order ASAP. Stay tuned! #futureisprivacy #privacy #smartphones #android @gael

A brand new website for /e/!
Still monolingual and a few things to fix, but it should be OK at least for the next 6 months 馃槆
Comments/suggestions welcome!
#Android #opensource #privacy

Wiadomo艣ci #TVPiS 

BTW, if you care about privacy on mobile devices you should consider donating to . I did 馃榾

e Foundation are creating /e/ - my data is MY data | Patreon

Apparently Nokia makes great Android phones. I mean great for the average consumer. The problems only begin when you want to use it with an alternative ROM 馃槙 I suppose I'll have to consider this fact next time around.

Remember the "unGoogled" version of Android I mentioned earlier? To keep myself busy I decided to take /e/ for a spin. I managed to flash the old . The process was rather straightforward. If you flashed a phone before you shouldn't have any problems. I've been only using it since yesterday but I already love it. Almost everything works as expected. The settings are impressive. I wasn't expecting so many switches 馃槻 Plus, you get access to which is based on and works flawlessly. Anyway, there are some drawbacks but they are mostly about a missing app or two (they've got their own app store). And I also have to remind myself that the OS is not Google friendly so some apps / services won't work (e.g. I couldn't install Google Translate). All in all, a great experience so far. Highly recommended! 馃ぉ

So after a couple of days with I can say it works and looks surprisingly well. But... it's too early for me to adopt it as my daily driver. It lacks some apps that I rely on every day. Using web apps is not an ideal experience. Yet, I'm going to keep an eye on the project as it's a truly free and private mobile OS.

Czy kto艣 z was pr贸bowa艂 instalowa膰 /e/ od ?? To taki Android wolny od us艂ug (szpieg贸w) Google 馃槈

@torproject hey, I just installed new Tor Browser for Android. It works great so far but is there an option to view current nodes?

Even if you think that the EU is crap please go and vote in the elections today. Democracy has its flaws but it's the best we've got right now.

Fuck it, I just ordered a second-hand Nexus 5 馃 It's funny because I had the exact same model a few years back.

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