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Here’s a survey about the social network #Mastodon. You are invited to take part regardless of your level of involvement or how often you use it or how long you've been here.

I don’t work for them, I’m just curious.

#meta #survey

Dziś odkryłem i już mi się podoba. Koniec z prowizjami bankowymi! Jeśli jeszcze nie masz konta to będzie mi miło jeśli się zarejestrujesz z mojego linka. Świetne rozwiązanie na wyjazdy wakacyjne.

Pierwsze od 10 lat urodziny bez konta na .u. Jaki tu spokój, jaka cisza... 😏

Finally decided to buy Plus subscription. I even managed to set up my own domain 😎 📧🌐

#Tusky 2.0 is now available to everybody on Google Play and Amazon Appstore! Fdroid will hopefully follow soon.

Read the full changelog here:

You know you're getting old when you no longer care about upgrading your OS. Not straight away at least. My Mint 18.3 has been working fine and I'm just too lazy to install the new version😋

BREAKING: In a huge victory, the European Parliament has voted 318-278 against #Article13 and #Article11—the disastrous #CensorshipMachine and #LinkTax copyright proposals.

That means we’re close to stopping these terrible proposals—and we’re gaining momentum.

Trendy na Masto? No jestem pod wrażeniem 👍

After I tweet: ... crickets chirping ...
After I post a toot: a few notifications within 5 minutes.

The power of .

I just realized that Ctrl+Enter is a popular across many web apps to send a message. It works in Gmail, Mastodon, TweetDeck, etc.

So I've been looking for a distro that supports HUD, like in Ubuntu 16.04. It turns out that only Ubuntu Mate has this feature. Importantly, they support HUD out-of-the-box. Do you know any other distros with a HUD built-in?

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