Would you be interested in a managed / server? I have a domain lying around so I'm willing to set it up and give out some invites 🎟️

@michal I would be interested if I didn't already have YH with XMPP hosted in standard.

What about Matrix?

@szkodnix Matrix / Synapse is too bloated for my needs. Tried it once or twice but it never made sense to me 😬

@michal Sure, understood. Well... in that case XMPP might also be very decent choice.


If you're just a regular guy (not a corporation or a wealthy, retired individual) and you're entertaining the idea of giving a bunch of random people on the internet accounts on a communication service of any kind, you're way braver than me. 😬

Seriously, I'd consider this very carefully. At best you'll end up with a bunch of spammers and trolls. At worst, expect to find criminals, kiddie porn, and other stuff like that.

@0 good points! I obviously haven't thought it through. Right now I'm giving invites to my family only. We'll see how it goes 😉

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