I wish the author had been a bit more reserved. You could make many of the same arguments he made about Matrix towards XMPP. Bridges are also not a good reason to switch- they're brittle! And Matrix has had issues in the past with its crypto, and also with identity servers.

I think what all these things need is what Signal offers- a simple installer that asks you no questions. No finding a provider and setting everything up- just click and done.

You know what did that? @briar

@emacsen @michal @briar
Briar is a bad example here:
1. It's not a protocol, it's an app (you can't find N briar client apps)
2. it's not federated (centralization = 1 server for all users, federation = a lot of small servers with some users, peer2peer = each users is a server)
3. It's not usable for automation tools (try to get RSS in briar or send an alert from zabbix when something wrong going on)


1. I don't think you can distinguish between a protocol and an app if the app's protocol is well documented and or standardized

2. That's a mechanism, and it's addressing the article's stated goals

3. Why would "try to get RSS in briar" a problem? I don't understand how the design would prevent this.

matrix mirrors metadata to every connected server

@falgn0n big fan of as well. I just think it's good to have options 😉

@Shamar @falgn0n @michal in public matrix rooms list of members and list of events shared for all users participating in a room. That's how federation in matrix works.

In unfederated (users are from the same server) rooms nothing shared outside.

Matrix is an open and constantly evolving protocol. Yes, there are bugs and issues, but as in any project they are fixed over the time, so these issue were fixed long ago.

@falgn0n @michal your comment is ambiguous. Please, be more specific when post such things.

The "metadata" you called is: list of events, list or room members.
That "metadata" shared across room's participants servers.

Do you know what protocol uses pretty same approach? XMPP. Do you know why? Because without that info you can't federate. Yes, even in XMPP.

Of course, matrix and XMPP are different things, but federation concept is pretty same.

@michal consider ~/.config/Signal/config.json "key", which is the master key to Signals sqlcipher database stored in the clear...

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