I wonder, what do you use for? Comment if you have some other, more exotic uses 😉

Thank you guys for voting! Really appreciate it 👍🏻

@michal I voted storage but that's an incomplete picture of my uses. I haven't been on yunohost for long but I'm using Nextcloud and XMPP primarily so far. I have plans to deploy a blog and maybe a pleroma instance.

@michal also use mine to host my password manager (bitwarden), irc client (thelounge), and source repos (gitea)

I use it as an experimental Platform. It allows me to try selfhosting services easily.
I also use mainly XMPP and Nextcloud with it, but also Gitea and Mattermost.

@michal mostly to host my own gitlab with a runner (Guess it's "storage")

@michal my (formerly online; now also in print) magazine run a membership programme, and as an extra perk they get wallabag hosting. We're planning to add other "services" as well, which is why we went for #YunoHost.

Of course, we'll also be using it to host our #GhostCMS blog, #goatcounter, email and the magazine's #Flarum community forum 📎

I run 3 out of 4. I would try to run email too if only my ISP didn't block port 25. 🙄

@normandc @michal I think you can work around that. IIRC port 25 is not essential anymore.

It is if you want to receive email from other providers? I mean, that's where I receive most.
@normandc @michal

@albi @michal
I haven't digged into the issue much, but the email server configuration that's automatically set up by #yunohost requires port 25 to work. I'm not technical enough to work around that. At some point you have to choose your battles.

@michal Nextcloud, Rainloop, Fresh-RSS, RSS-Bridge, Wiki.js, Syncthing, .....

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