I've just set up as my main email app on Android. I know, crazy idea! 🙃 It'll fetch all (classic) emails and put them in neat threads. So far I know that there might be problems with HTML rich emails. It's a good thing I prefer plaintext messages 😏

@michal I didn't know they had fetching? How to set it up?

@joli that's not what I meant. I should have said it'll handle all my emails. Sorry 😉

@michal Aah I see! I really like #DeltaChat as well, but wish they could fetch my already received emails

@michal @joli
I can only second that.
@delta would be a perfect chat app for me if it only imported all the chat history when set up on a new device.

@michal I've tried this, and DeltaChat seems to hav e problems with replies. They always start a new thread for some reason.

I've sent messages in DC groups with Thunderbird though, and that works great!

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