Decided to give another try. Gotta add my username to my homepage. I really like the idea of a P2P video messenger 👍🏻

@michal How is working now? Last time I've tried it wasn't that great…

@k9n first I need to find someone to talk to 😜 Everybody I know uses either proprietary crap like Skype or a messenger like WhatsApp. It's really hard to convince people to at least try something new 😟

@michal How is it going?

I ask cause I've been thinking about it too.

@zubrzysta tried it some time ago, and the call / video quality was decent. Not sure if Jami can handle calls with several people.

@michal @zubrzysta it should. We use it for our stand-up every morning (15 people, europe/North America, hosted on my p51) if not feel free to open a ticket on our bug tracker.

@michal I love the idea of #Jami as well but it is quite buggy, videocalls crash and msgs doesnt sync between devices for me

@joli @michal

Video calls must not crash. If it's the case please fill a ticket

For history sync, it's part of the group chat feature and in progress.

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