Decided to try out messenger. Do you guys use it? Any pros / cons? I remember using Ring (its previous name) a while ago but it wasn't a pleasant experience.

Still convinced that p2p including end to end encryption will win once it is mature and properly coupled with os and network. It is not yet.

Most decent alternatives are decentralized federated systems, including Matrix and XMPP based federations.

Yet for every non-mature system we need two groups: those who direct people toward more usable alternatives and those who stick and provide useful feedback to help the system improving fast.

Two years ago, Matrix was in the non-mature category. It is emerging thanks to people who sticked with it despite the issues.

So, if you do believe #Jami is the right kind of tool, do not listen to its many detractors and stick with it :)

@michal when it was still called ring it just didn't work for me. Got a lot better after the rename, although I found it was a little battery greedy. Have you heard of #briar ? Similarly p2p and also battery greedy for my taste, but might interest you

@nezhac yup, heard of but I don't think it's the tool I need right now. Also, non-techies would have no idea how to use it. seems easy enough but I'm not sure about call quality.

@michal I don't think I tested call quality with #jami. My go-to for audio and video calls is currently #jitsi, one to one calls are actually p2p, which gives low latency. But then you have two apps, one for chatting and another for calling

@nezhac @michal I use it everyday (k I am a core dev). But actually we support h265 + hardware accel + remb feedback so the quality is good.

But still bad for conferencing (cannot reorganize streams for example).

@michal my phone is too old for it I think. Interested to know how you get on.

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