Decided to ditch in favour of a static site for my homepage. I'm not saying WordPress is bad: it's just too bloated for my needs. So far I've been playing with and I think I've finally found a theme that suits me.

Thanks for the feed back !
🤔 I also sometime think about building ligther website for smaller compagny that doesn't requires event or blog post.
I should take the time to try it !

@nautilus you can already check my website (built with Hugo). There's a link in my profile. I'm really happy with Hugo so far 👍🏻

@michal Yeah, very nice indead !
It seams very 2020 to have a none scrollable and succint home page.
😏 Is the picture really taken in Poland ?

@nautilus no, the background picture was taken in Greece while on holiday 😎

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