Question time: do you know any platforms that offer interactive and respect your ? Use case: conducting live polls during presentations / lectures and displaying the results in real time. Appreciate your help.

Look into framapoll made by the framasoft people

@michal I expect you could do something like that with Drupal and a few models. Then just run the site on your local network so only the people at the event can access it. If it needs to be on the net then just put the poll page at a hard to find address and only make the site live for the duration of the event.

@Phoenix_alx @michal my Spanish is enough to order some cervezas... but.... is that something that is comparable to / ?

@aslmx @michal similar but polleitor is software free. Free of freedom. I think so

@michal Usually, these services will collect data of the poll creator, but not from participants. For example, #Kahoot: What is your concern more exactly ?

Saw mentimeter in use recently, was good fun. Not sure how it rates on privacy, but with a look.

But most useful will probably be socrative which is now

I co wybrałeś?? Bo widzę że trochę ludzi odpisało - było trochę opcji.

@barszczyk jeszcze nie wiem, na pierwszy rzut oka to mentimeter mi się podoba. Ale to trzeba na spokojnie przejrzeć 😉

If you already have a Nextcloud installation, there's a poll app for it

Does framadate suite your needs ? It's like doodle, I did not tried it for live polls. At worst F5 is your friend.


@michal google is good and it’s free - they offer a variety of options for privacy - and although you first have to sign in to start your survey, a user can just pop in without registering if need be. Hope that helps!

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