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today’s facebook outage should be cited as evidence that federated networks are better

I mean, if people want to use vs code in their home, that's their thing. But they shouldn't be allowed to do it in public. What if children see it?

Nie spodziewałem się, że w polskiej (dobra, polskojęzycznej) stacji telewizyjnej zobaczę reklamę vpn-a, szkoda że nie tłumaczą do czego to służy XD

Pixelfed now supports localization!

Not every language has full support yet, we are working to improve the translation experience.

You don't know true horror until you've seen a Chinese typewriter

@lain doesn't matter. The Directive will affect everything. And even if there are some exceptions, they will be artificial and eventually dismantled.

We either stop it now, or we get stuck with it.

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