What the fuck is going on? Like actually?

Pleroma isn't run by Nazis.
There's good people on kitty.town.

Can we get some fact checking going on, please? Instead of rumors?!

I have to unfollow some of y'all. Or at least note that some people run on bad actor logic

@jalcine you see, there's two realities. the one they live in, and the one the rest of us live in.

@kaniini @jalcine

What is it about all the pleroma = nazi thingy? I have only seen people talk about the rumors itself but never seen any

@selea @jalcine

i assure you, you don't want to know. it's basically GNU Social v. Mastodon bullshit we got caught in the middle of.

@kaniini @jalcine

Na I want to know, even if it stupid as fuck. I've heard more stupider things in my life

@selea @jalcine

basically GNU Social had some self-identified nazis on it, other GNU Social instances deployed early Pleroma FE prototypes (we prototyped it on GNU Social first) because it was a much better UX than what GNU Social had to offer.
@kaniini @selea @jalcine
And free software freedom 0 says that they can use the software for whatever they want, and the developers can't be blamed for it.

This drama is like the developers are responsible for what the users do with the software.
@Cochise @selea @jalcine

that's basically my point. what do they want us to do? put a political purity test on the download page?

@kaniini @jalcine @Cochise @selea the thing is that Pleroma is so easy to install and maintain even nazis can run it… just make the installation process as hard as Mastodon one

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