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As far as I remember, I have joined Mastodon just because it鈥檚 free software. I found a post about one of Mastodon instances on a Facebook group, but I decided to sign up on another instance (this one was out-of-date).

I have tried diaspora* when I was like 11 yo, so Mastodon wasn鈥檛 my first decentralized social network, but I don鈥檛 even know what pod it was鈥 Mastodon gained my attention because of its modern UI and community. I don鈥檛 like most of the mainstream social media because of several reasons, so using better alternatives is probably the best way to make them more popular鈥

The community and the fact that I鈥檓 somehow able to control my account by creating my own instance with my own rules. (right now I don鈥檛 think that I need one)
my English sucks

@lain doesn't matter. The Directive will affect everything. And even if there are some exceptions, they will be artificial and eventually dismantled.

We either stop it now, or we get stuck with it.

I was wondering if there was a book on systemd that I could read to learn more about it and uh

One of Polish contributors to newest release of Visual Studio Code was listed as 鈥濶otYour FuckingBusiness鈥 馃榿馃挌

hosting kt贸rego u偶ywam zainfekowano jakim艣 ransomware i ustawili mi przekierowanie na pornhuba鈥 chyba musz臋 go zmieni膰 na co艣 mniej amatorskiego鈥

tfw people on fedi claim to be introverted while spamming 9000 posts a day about every little detail of their lives

I've just came across a job listing where one of the requirements is: 5+ years experience in React.

okay. cool.

@tootbrute Pixelfed wouldn't exist without Mastodon and the exposure it got from fediverse in the early days.

I owe Eugen a lot, he is an inspiration and while some people may not agree with him, he has done a lot for the fediverse.

microblogging is made up of two parts "micro", meaning small, and "blogging", short for "weblogging", which is made up of two parts "web", meaning that thing that spiders make, and "logging" meaning cutting down trees

so microblogging is when you're a spider that cuts down small trees
> tells a bunch of volunteers to go fuck themselves for posting a video of a talk given by a Google employee (look, I don't like Chris DiBona either, he is an asshole and I have clashed with him before)

> tells the people who ask him what the fuck he is doing to also go fuck themselves

> justifies development of non-free apps on a non-free platform that spies on you with telemetry collection while claiming to be a free software champion

mmmkay then.

Po ostatnim wpisie wnioskuj臋, 偶e widzi potrzeb臋 istnienia protoko艂贸w takich jak ActivityPub :)

Widz臋 偶e Krzysztof Bosak zaobserwowa艂 Mastodona na Twitterze, ciekawe kt贸rego z jakkolwiek rozpoznawalnych polskich polityk贸w zobaczymy w Fediwersum jako pierwszego i czy je偶eli b臋dzie to np. kto艣 z RN, czy si臋 tam odnajdzie, a nie zarejestruje si臋 na pierwszej lepszej instancji i b臋dzie narzeka膰 na bana XD

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Mastodon czyli polska instancja Mastodon.

Co nas wyr贸偶nia?
- Serwer w Polsce.
- D艂ugo艣膰 wpisu powi臋kszona z 500 do 2048 znak贸w.
- Trendy w tagach
- Wbudowany Jabber/XMPP z integracj膮 na stronie.
- Wbudowana wyszukiwarka przeszukuje ca艂o艣膰 status贸w, a nie tylko nazwy u偶ytkownik贸w i tagi.
- Posiadamy w艂asny przeka藕nik dla ka偶dego kto chce wymienia膰 z nami tooty: