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As far as I remember, I have joined Mastodon just because it’s free software. I found a post about one of Mastodon instances on a Facebook group, but I decided to sign up on another instance (this one was out-of-date).

I have tried diaspora* when I was like 11 yo, so Mastodon wasn’t my first decentralized social network, but I don’t even know what pod it was… Mastodon gained my attention because of its modern UI and community. I don’t like most of the mainstream social media because of several reasons, so using better alternatives is probably the best way to make them more popular…

The community and the fact that I’m somehow able to control my account by creating my own instance with my own rules. (right now I don’t think that I need one)
my English sucks

He is a one hit wonder, but saying he just remade Lego into a video game is like saying you just remade GNU Social.

(przeredagowałem wpis sprzed paru minut aby dodać hashtag)

Na jako pilne informacja o groźnych nazistach z tortem ze swastyką ułożoną z wafelków, podczas gdy i mówią o sytuacji w Strabsurgu…

New alternative UI shipping soon! We love our current UI, but some users may prefer a different one. 😉 #pixelfed

«Zero-tolerance policy» implies no excuses for maymays, jokes or other abstract reasons can be made, right? :smug3:
Ok here's a conspiracy theory I thought of. Tech companies are ruining gender relations and social cohesion because a lonely person is a person who uses the internet more and watches more ads.

I've been helping my friend who is a senior citizen with her computer and she keeps frustratedly being like "Wait, how did you know that?!" and I keep saying "I don't know shit. I kept clicking til something changed." I don't want to "teach her computer". I want to teach her that the computer people don't know shit other. Just keep clicking stuff until you get the desired response...just avoid the buttons that say "erase" or "delete".

just want to point out yet again that the majority of the people who keep propagating this Pleroma = Nazis lie are self-described authoritarian communists. draw your own conclusions.

Jeśli ktoś chce powymieniać z nami tooty to serdecznie zapraszam. 🙂 (co oczywiście nie oznacza że gdzie indziej nas nie znajdziecie 😉 )


Chyba sobie jaja robią. 😐
"Hazard jest zły. Chyba, że państwo się tym zajmuje, to wtedy nie."

Reminder that Stallman does not like pay toilets because they're non-free

Someone added us to AlternativeTo.

We are the 3rd alternative to Instagram behind Imgur and Flickr!

Can we get to #1?

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