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Just in case anyone would like to fund me a (alcohol free 馃槣) beer for my work on translating Fediverse-related projects into Polish, here鈥檚 my Liberapay account: liberapay.com/m4sk1n 馃檪

I'm working on an ActivityPub guide website for coders & non-coders! It's something I wish existed before I started pixelfed.

Where can I buy the whole album?

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Studying Instagram's UI to improve it and adapt it for morii. No screenshots tonight, but here's a nice annotated sketch :)


@ckarner that guy doesn't know how to read, it literally tells you to donate to Uganda on the splash screen

Peertube, an ActivityPub based alternative to YouTube, is running a crowdfunding campaign kisskissbankbank.com/en/projec

Comes at an important time, with YouTube blocking legitimate videos on (incorrect) copyright grounds, such as MIT's OpenCourseWare videos and the Blender Foundation's videos torrentfreak.com/youtubes-pira

#Internationalization support has been merged in #Plume! It is only translated to French and English right now, but more languages are coming (@m4sk1n said he wanted make a Polish translation, and yours are welcome too 馃槈).

It has been deployed to baptiste.gelez.xyz/ so if you go there and have your browser configured to tell websites you are speaking french, you should normally see the translated version.

The logo contest is now closed, and the winning logo has been chosen. Thank you to all the participants!

More information here: github.com/dansup/pixelfed/iss

remember that if you're not a no-bot, or more precisely, if you're a person, you are infringing @m4sk1n's personal space by following him https://101010.pl/users/m4sk1n/statuses/100219581191061848
Saw some people chatting about #vine earlier. I've seen some funny vines before but never funny enough for me to join another social network. I don't think the format has enough utility to support its own network. But it could work on the #fediverse since not everybody would have to use the vine-like app and there are multiple post types.

Great to see that started working on support! The is getting better so fast鈥 I鈥檓 waiting for another ActivityPub implementations of Events 馃槉

@TroglodyteMike No, Windows is a secret social experiment to see how long people can put up with obvious bullshit before realizing it's nonsense.