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Polska Press, przekaże dane o Tobie do 830 podmiotów, jeżeli wyrazisz na to zgodę. „Szanujemy Twoją prywatność”


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Just curious: does anyone know if you can access Gemini capsules from behind the Great Firewall of China?

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widzieli? ;p

@kuba_ 🔗 101010.pl/users/kuba_/statuses
46 min ICD #20 (id for advertisers)

czy pobierając z aurory jest się uodpornionym na to?

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✋🏾Stop tracking us✋🏾

We @edri & 25+ orgs are joining forces to support the #TrackingFreeAds Coalition led by MEPs that stand against #privacy-invasive #tracking ads.


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46 min ICD #20 (id for advertisers)

czy pobierając z aurory jest się uodpornionym na to?

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Feeder is a part of my "info-multitool" (Feeder + #AntennaPod + #RadioDroid) for everyday's using in smartphone...
It's the best open source RSS-reader, in my opinion 😎 :yayblob:

#RSS #reader #opensource

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Czy ktoś z Was ostatnio też dostał nieproszony telefon gdzie probowali wepchnąć jakieś spotkanie informacyjne o szczepionkach? W zamian za pulsoksymetr?

Jeżeli tak, proszę o PW. Mam pomysł jak uprzykrzyć życie tej firmie.

Resztę z Was proszę o RT dla zasięgu :)

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Looking for people who regularly use screen readers to browse the web.

A dev version of #keyoxide [1] currently has 100% #accessibility score by #lighthouse [2] and 0 errors according to WAVE [3] but still I'd hope to receive some real-world feedback and ensure what I develop can truly be used by all.

Boosts appreciated.

[1] dev.keyoxide.org
[2] web.dev/measure
[3] wave.webaim.org

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In a surprising turn of events, Peskov says Minsk should clarify Protasevich claim that Nexta was funded by a Russian (!) oligarch Mazepin.

Lukashenka is frequently playing both sides - and just as EU was always pissed off with him flirting with Russia, the latter was always just as pissed off for him flirting with EU.

And Russian oligarchs buying out all the national industry is a frequent scare in political circles in Belarus.

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Please note:

the-federation.info is in low maintenance mode and looking for new contributors or someone interested in taking over the whole site.

Also see the note on github.com/thefederationinfo/t

So, if anyone can contribute or has interest in taking over (it's a Django based project) please contact the author via Github or #thefederation:feneas.org on Matrix

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Check this curated list of databases by @yarmo with some delightful #opensource projects.

List is steadily growing. Do you have more entries to PR? Interested to start your own #delightful list on a topic of your interest? You can, and should ;)


Delightful lists are Gems of Freedom that collect great #foss #opendata and #openscience works from all across the web.


Maybe you'd just like to co-maintain an existing list. Just ping me.

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As surprising as it might seem, there's a strong parallel between this free market vision of abundance and the Marxist vision of full communism.
-- Kevin Carson

#anarchism #quote #bot

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The goal of science deniers isn't necessarily to convince you that covid isn't real, or that vaccines are bad for you, or that privacy is overrated, or that there isn't a climate emergency - their goal is to convince you that these things just *can't be known* for sure.

It's a form of weaponized skepticism and it has deep roots, going all the way back (at least) to Darrell Huff's famous HOW TO LIE WITH STATISTICS a book I held in high esteem...


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The share of non-EU citizens in employment in Poland last year was 78%, behind only the Czech Republic and Lithuania.
Poland with EU’s third highest employment rate for non-EU migrants
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A brief history of the ‘Sex work is work’ movement

In the 1970s, feminists, such as Kathleen Barry and Andrea Dworkin, were making a powerful analysis of pornography and prostitution as key elements in the systematic subordination of women. As a result, the sex industry had a serious image problem on its hands.

This article provides an insight into the ways in which the sex industry fought back, including by using euphemism to obscure the reality of prostitution and the idea of prostitutes’ trade unions to give itself legitimacy.

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