Patreon decided that supporting Ukrainian “Come Back Alive” is “against their policies”:

Today is a good day to close your Patreon accounts, if you have them. Creators tend to use LiberaPay and others as well, there's no need to support this shameful cowardice.

For anyone who wants to help #Ukraine 🇺🇦 , a helpful list of Ukrainian charities that might be worth helping out:

I looked through it, found some charities I know. The list seems solid.

My limited translation of an awesome video from a meeting of supporters of The Great Lechia movement in Poland, via @kuba

Speaker 1: - Remember who we are! Everyone of us should repeat to themselves - I'm Slavic, I'm Lechite, but in the first place I'm a child of god. And the second truth, hidden by everyone: Slavic people are children of the Sun. Speaker 2: - Wait, what children of the Sun?! You need to be careful here, because the Sun is god "Ra" and "Re", god of Sun and Moon. We cannot have connection with stars because there are alien civilizations there. The Lord is above us, and eons ago the trees of Eden were cut down, and we were all on one Earth. And there were only Poles, one language, one nation. This is why we are the chosen nation. Not others. Speaker 1: - Correct. Speaker 2: - But you can't say we're children of the Sun. We cannot connect with alien civilizations and angels. Speaker 1: - No, absolutely not. Crowd: - Hear, hear! Speaker 2: - Because it's a separate genotype. This is a genotype of a devil. These are snake-dragons. And that is the chosen nation of Yahweh. And these are the snake-dragons. Speaker 1: - Now, you're delusional here...

For 100% entertainment, please learn Polish 😂

Dla wszystkich, którzy chcieliby wyrazić wsparcie i dać nam znak, że poruszamy ważne tematy, uruchomiliśmy konto na Patronite. 💛

RT @agatadiduszko
Oburzył was reportaż o ksiedzu pedofilu Dymerze chronionym przez biskupów i polityków?
To przestańcie wspierać tę instytucję i tych ludzi i wypiszcie się z kościoła. Nie ma na co czekać.
#apostazja #licznikapostazji
@JoankaSW @RobertBiedron @wiosnabiedronia

Znalazłam dziś w lokalnym sklepie spożywczym (ze wszystkim, wiecie jaki to typu sklepu 🙂) skarpetki na sprzedaż.
Mnie śmieszy 😄

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