Quick toot on how to install Waydroid on #ArchLinuxARM:
- install lxc
- download danctnix.arikawa-hi.me/waydroi and install it using pacman -U
- Add binder.devices="anbox-binder,anbox-hwbinder,anbox-vndbinder,binder,hwbinder,vndbinder" to boot/boot.txt right after loglevel in the arguments line
- in /boot run ./mkscr
- reboot
- start Waydroid using sudo waydroid-start
- for stopping it use sudo waydroid-stop

If you notice that it starts slowly you can stop it and retry until the animation is smooth.

@xaviers Any chance for Mobian package with Waydroid? 🙂

@fervi I'm sure Waydroid will be available on Mobian eventually


@xaviers thanks. I tried to port manually, but it was to hard for me

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