It works without any issues so I dunno what was he talking about lmao.

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So my uni faculty has its own gitlab instance that is used only for one class and is only accessible via VPN (or faculty's network). The teacher told us to not use SSH with it because it can apparently cause problems (????). However, I made my account's password way too complicated and have no energy to type it in everytime I want to pull or anything so f the police I guess

For one class I have to record a video in which I talk about the code I wrote and showcase how the program works. Just realized that I will have to go through the annoying task of listening to my own voice 😭

I guess it's a message for me that I should go to sleep

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I guess it's a good thing, just hoping I will never have to live on the edge so my laptop won't turn off unexpectedly while I'm doing something very important.

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No idea why but my system/laptop won't allow the battery to discharge below 12%. It will immediately turn off when it goes below that.

Lmao a 4k video turned off my laptop

I have to make a presentation for my English class about my hobby. I have to turn it in by the time this semester ends so I guess I have 3 months to find a hobby.

Disappointed at how many CS students don't how to google/search for a fix for their problem.

taught a guy in class how to exit vim


back in the day i used twitter only for porn and i think it was the best use of that website


I also love (hate) how I actively block politics related content on YouTube and I still get things like this recommended for me.

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hope I manage to register for gym tomorrow for my PE class because I'm disappointed at the state of my (nonexistent) ass and (chicken) legs

nothing more annoying than EDM in workout videos

virgin `rm -rf /` vs chad `cat /dev/urandom > /etc/shadow`

or just `cat /dev/urandom` into any important file tbh

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