Just added field to my profile. It just doesn't get more than this 😎

*Clears throat* *best mansplainer voice* well actually... There's always #tox and #briar which is more #decentralized :)


Tox seemed to cause more problems than actually work, same for delta chat - if U actually mamaged to configure it and make it work then I'm all ears


@barszczyk delta just worked out of the box with my e.email account. In theory it should work without problems with a standard IMAP account.

@barszczyk @michal

I started using #briar with @blitz some time ago. So far, absolutely bugs detected. Of course it lacks some features like sending files etc..

I dont mind bugs or sending files, just pure text - I'd be happy if it just worked, unfortunately it didnt 🤷🏻‍♂️
@michal @blitz

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