Releasing version 0.1903.19-beta, with a lot of new features!

Better profile screen, with more information and more actions.


@manyver_se sound nice. Since I'm using FediLab, can U please point 2-3 (or more?) pros why I should use Manyverse? Convince me please.

@barszczyk Hi! A few:
* It's always available and fully functional (e.g. when offline, in an airplane, when hiking) both for reading and writing content
* Every user is its own "instance"
A few more points in this video:

@barszczyk Bear in mind that, because you're keeping the whole history of your timeline in your phone (That's why the app works offline), the storage usage can grow to a couple of gigabytes. There are ways to manage this, but none of them are implemented outside of ADB. Worse, there's no way to back up or restore your account outside of ADB as of this time.

If you wish to learn more about the wider network Manyverse uses (or want to read the "whitepaper"), it's at .

@Parnikkapore after it crashed and later started updating which never stopped - I gave up. Uninstalled it. Also I couldn't see or receive private message which I've sent from my desktop (with Patchwork) to my mobile (with Manyverse).

I guess it still needs a lot of improvement and development before it works smoothly.
But most probably it will die forgotten like Aether and Librem 5 and other numerous initiatives, which all simply lack this sth to succeed.

@barszczyk The Librem 5 is still being developed...?

As for SSb, it's a small group of like-mindeds dogfooding the project, and that's a *good* thing. In open-source, obscurity != uselessness.

@barszczyk To be fair, I'm still waiting for the day Manyverse has feature parity with Patchcore...

There's also a forgotten, old DHT'ed seacrh engine I had a lot of fun tuning the algos for (No PageRank!)...


I wish you good luck and lots of improvement.
Unfortunately so far things look rather more like this:
- half public pub invites don't work (invite rejected, are you sure it was right? have you copied whole invite? - yes I have, still doesn't work)
-certain users' connection or limits are still a bottleneck - here's what my Patchwork looks like about 9 mins after I clicked update... (picrel)

@manyver_se @barszczyk @staltz Manyverse could be the perfect alternative for Facebook (=keeping in touch with people you like). The invitation process should be easier for non-techies : if I send an invite the way it is today, I fear most of my friends will not adopt Manyverse...

@zmgptfuo @barszczyk @staltz Yes, very understandable. Manyverse is beta software, and at some point we'll launch v1.0 to indicate it's ready for the non-programmers

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