How private/secure is your messaging app?
A quite comprehensive comparison is available at:
#privacy #emydataismydata #android #app

@gael / the desktop

Clients for Tox seemed good to me, not sure about reliability of the audio/video chats, which i didn't try. Heard that for phones, it takes a bit of CPU, draining the battery?

Tox is decentralized of course,(uses a DHT on (hashes of)public keys, i think) barring concerns about bootstraps, that makes a bunch green.


Is there a reliable and stable client of Tox for android? Especially for the LineageOS version? I once tested Tox on Windows and it didn't seem to work at all or at least malfunction...

@barszczyk there's antox, no idea if it's good (simply looked up here ..)

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